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I want a Conrail 70's for the next layout. I haven't seen any BW's in a few years of looking.

They won't fit under my current layout's bridges, only the 40' T.M. cubes will go under.

Just did this W.P. for someone last week.

LOWE 8-11-22 [1)

LOWE 8-11-22 [2)

LOWE 8-11-22 [3)

LOWE 8-11-22 [4)

LOWE 8-11-22 [5)

LOWE 8-11-22 [6)

                          Guess it cost Atlas O too much to make them anymore?

Nice HO selection here -


Images (6)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (1)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (2)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (3)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (4)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (5)
  • LOWE 8-11-22  (6)

I have several in ATSF - a mix of 2-rail and 3-rail. They occasionally pop up on that big auction site, but the sellers are asking premium prices, typically over $100 per car. If you need 3-rail and are only able to get one that's the 2-rail version, I can swap you the trucks and couplers for three-rail.

They look nice in a train with the MTH cars, which are also fetching a premium price now.

Save a search for "Atlas Berwick" on eBay.  They pop up from time to time.  I managed to find two ATSF and one rare-as-hens-teeth TTX this way.

If I sold models as sought after as Atlas O's Berwicks, Trinity hoppers, and intermodals, just to name a few, I'd be producing runs of them a bit more often.  I know rarity keeps values high, but these pieces selling for 2-3 times msrp should be indication that the market exists for them, right?

Edit: should mention I'm not looking to sell at the moment (too few are and for good reason, these are fantastic pieces).  I just wanted to share the strategy that worked for me.

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