Atlas BNSF Dash 8

MichaelB posted:

Awesome work. When it's all done, you should put the model in front of a green screen and Photoshop it into a real world picture. 

Edit: Does the coupler lift bar operate the coupler?

Will do! I've done shots like that before with other engines! I call them digital dioramas...

15 side

Key Model Imports MILW E6 famous #15 on a record setting trip...


3rd Rail D&RGW F7 on the point...


3rd Rail S4 post war Alice pulls the Exposition Flyer...


Atlas O CB&Q F3' pull a 1947 Expo, the California Zephyr is only months away...



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I'm with you until now. I prefer the LEDs. I can understand why you don't. I don't have all my pics handy. These are G scale.

They will light up the track outside in the dark, so that it looks like the real loco. If you look right at them, you'll have to squint so they don't blind you!




" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!


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