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Looks like I didn't bother with the Atlas screws!! The 10BA nuts & bolts hold the whole lot in place. They are countersunk so I've shown a 'top side' view, and the underneath view.

I'm not sure if 'BA' is a British standard for thread measurements, or what a US equivalent is. We are, after all, two nations divided by a common language!! 20210504_20161620210504_201601


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I went back to the 3 rail scale discussion, and I remembered getting the 10 x 2mm bolts from Micro Fasteners in Lebanon, NJ. I think you could try 8 x 2mm also. I mostly run three rail with the lobster claw couplers, so it’s easy to go back by taking the Kadees off. I don’t cut the lobster claws off, I just turn the trucks around and mount the Kadees on the pads.

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