I have a two powered Atlas O F3, the latest generation released last year.  When MU'ed does the directional lighting feature work?  When I reverse the direction of the MU the headlight does go out on the trailing unit but the red marker lights do not illuminate.  I think I read somewhere on the forum that the TMCC software did not allow for this function.


Another question about marker lights.  One of the powered A's maker lights illuminate when running solo, but the other's does not.  Has anyone had an Atlas F3 in which the maker lights not work?  Any suggestions to get them to work?





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Yes, there is a TMCC limitation with regard to ditch lights/marker lights failing to illuminate properly on the trailing unit while lashed up. I have an early set of AC6000 diesels with Legacy, and the same issue occurs with the trailing unit's ditch lights while lashed up.


If the marker lights do not illuminate on the F3 while operating as a standalone unit, then it sounds like a manufacturing defect. It could be something simple as a broken or loose wire. If the marker lights use LEDs, it is possible the circuit was wired backwards or one of the diodes burned out.



Most likely as wired, the directional lights are wired to the opposite end head light. As a consist, second engine running backwards, you would like the rear facing A unit to have red marker lights.   Turning off all other head lights, (Consist feature), except the front and rear, (directionally controlled), also effects the marker lights, since they are wired as a set.  (Front headlight/ wired with rear markers), (Rear headlight/wired with front markers).   I could be wrong and often.   Mike CT


Once the thing is programmed as a Consist with a TR ## (Number), when you tear the consist apart, you have to assign both engines of the consist to TR ##, number zero.  Normal function of the markers/headlights should return.  At least that is the way it worked before Legacy. 

Remove an engine from a consist.

TR0 Eng ## Set.


The complete guide to TrainMaster Command Control. Click on the underlined phrase to link.  Advanced operating techniques pages 22 through 27,  Cab1 handheld and Command base.   Click on the underlined phrase to link TMCC "lash-up" instructions.  You would think all this applies to Legacy when used in TMCC mode/ Sunset, Atlas, and Weaver models.

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