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Has anyone ever seen a diagram of part nomenclatures?  None of my locomotives had anything like that.

Reason for asking is I am looking at the Atlas parts site and there are a good number of commonly damaged or otherwise useful parts.  Problem is 95% don't have a picture and I can't make out the description.   Example - GP9 chimney 140125, is this the exhaust stack I'm looking for?  Chimney is a common name for a stack in country's formerly associated with Britain.  So is the Chimney a stack?

Many descriptions I just can't make out.

I have a call in to Atlas, but no return yet.

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I, personally, have never heard an engine stack referred to as a chimney.  This is kind of interesting because Atlas makes different products besides locomotives like rail cars (think caboose chimneys) and structures (with chimneys?).  I would think, with GP9 in front of the part number, you are probably correct, but part pictures would definitely be better.


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