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So I walk in to a train store today and found 2 of the 2021 Christmas box cars sitting on a shelf. Asking price was full retail of 99.98. Thought these were hard to get so I thought the price would be OK. I was prepared to go back tomorrow to buy one of them. Then I googled the box car and found one review where the LED's went up in smoke within seconds. So what are your experiences. Did you have a defective one? Did atlas make good on it?  If I buy one now will it still have a warranty?

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I’ve got the 2021 Christmas car as well as the LED 2021 and 2022 Halloween cars and the 4th of July LED car.

I haven’t had any problems with them and they’re really nice cars.

Online they might be slightly cheaper, but after shipping the price will be about the same or more so I would support your local hobby store.

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