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I recieved word from a friend who just got the Atlas O Horizon cars that the couplers open randomly. Seems like the spring is too short to put correct pressure on the bar that keeps the coupler closed. Applying this fix to the new ones is up to the end user, I have this tutorial up for anyone who has this issue with the older releases

Needed tools for the fix:
- Bailing wire (any color works)
- small flat head screw driver
- Dikes or heavy duty scissors

The fix consists of looping bailing wire into the brass rivet and then wrapping the bailing wire around the guide that retains the spring:

Here is also a video showing the process:

The fix is pretty easy to do and there's not a lot of risk in breaking something, other than the plastic steps under the doors. When wrapping the bailing wire around the metal guide (that retains the spring), make sure the coupler is closed before you pull the bailing wire tight


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