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Hello,  I'm sure someone on this Forum with more expertise than I have with Atlas O Products can answer my question:  I purchased an Atlas O Master Motive Power "Non-Powered"  C-628 Diesel Dummy Unit. The Locomotive is equipped with "Electro-Couplers" on both ends; and Power Pick-Up Rollers on Both Trucks. (There are the usual fine wires leading from the Electro-Couplers up into the body of the Locomotive).  Are these Couplers able to be "fired" (opened using TMCC)..? Placing the Dummy Locomotive on the TRack and addressing it as Engine 1 produced no response. It just seems such a waste to put TMCC Couplers and Pick-Up Rollers on a "Non-Powered" Dummy Unit...? Any ideas if there is a way to get these Couplers to fire..?  Or are they just expensive "eye candy" on Atlas Dummy Units....?  Thanks for any suggestions or information.

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You will need to install electronics to be able to fire the couplers.  ERR should have a board for this, or Gunrunner John made one as well.  I suspect it is cheaper to manufacture the dummy with the same trucks as the power units (with pickups and electrocouplers) than it would be to have the factory make X% of the trucks with mechanical or dummy couplers instead.  Different parts and different procedures generate more cost.

Its easier to build a locomotive that has common parts. There's no sense in designing another coupler when the electrocoupler already exists. If you want less resistance, unscrew the rollers.

If you look at it the other way, with motors and the center worm shafts in the trucks, the dummy can become powered. The geared axles and motor mounts are already there.

The couplers can be made to function with something like an ERR mini-commander.

Thanks for all the replies on the Atlas Non-Powered Unit......Yes, as PRRMP54 noted, I did say it was a C-628 Diesel, which is an Alco 6-axle Hood Unit. I'm not complaining about the Unit, Atlas did a beautiful  job on it. My main question was, (not having ever purchased an Atlas "O" Non-powered Unit before), and seeing the Coil Couplers and Pick-Up Rollers on this Unit, were they supposed to operate and if so, how were they activated.  Now I know, and knowing Gun Runner John, who helped me, (along with many others on this Forum), with issues I was having with  my Vision Line Big Boy earlier this Summer) has Boards to install to make them operable, I will reach out to GunRunner to see if he has what I need to activate the Couplers, and maybe add Lights . Thanks all...   


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