Does anyone know the dimensions of the screw they use to attach it to the frame. My wheelset fell off my tank car. 

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David - Although I do not know the exact size of the screw you are inquiring about, I did lose the same kind of screw off one of an Atlas O pulpwood cars.  I took the screw from the other set of trucks to a local hardware store ( one of the old fashioned kind ... not the big box chain kind ) and they gave me an exact match.  I came home screwed on the set of trucks and the car has been running great ever since.  

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there's at least 2 different kinds for atlas cars....the 25k tank cars use a fine thread  machine screw,while most of the others use a course thread self tapping screw...its best to do what trumptrain suggested.


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Wouldn’t it be simpler and more reliable to ask AtlasO service? One of the screws on my Pennsy quad hopper broke apart. I’m going to check with them tomorrow. Or am I naive in thinking that they’ll have the answer?

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