Atlas O Summer Announcements released.... Both 2 rail and 3 rail versions are on our website.

Atlas O announced today the following:

  • Seven road names of their Masterline Coalveyer Bathtub Gondolas - 4 road numbers each
  • Five road names of their Masterline 55 Ton Hoppers - 4 road numbers each
  • Five road names of their Masterline 25,000 Gallon Tank Cars - 4 road numbers each
  • Six road names of their Trainman O Scale 40' Stock cars - 2 road numbers each

Here's a link to them with my discount pricing - link is here

If you're planning to preorder a whole case of any of these cars to get all four road numbers, use the discount code "case4me" at checkout to get a better deal. An unadvertised special. 

Preorders are due to Atlas 7/25/18 and delivery is expected 1Q2019. 

Thank you.









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Chris Thomas posted:


Do you have a link to preorder for 2 rail?



To be honest, Chris, I get so few two rail orders, I don't always take the time to put them up.... Happy to order whatever you like. Maybe email me at - same discounting, for sure..... 

I have gotten a lot of email regarding 2 Rail versions so I have added them to the website and the link above...

I also fixed the pricing of the 3-Rail version of the 25,500 Gallon Tank car - it was too high by mistake. 


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