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Honestly...I wish I had gone with Gargraves track and switches years ago when I first put my mess together.  I did it just as the Atlas track line came looked might fine...and I thought this was the time to get into something new and great.  I think the track is great...but, the switches have been another issue...only because mine are all first generation...and you know what that means when if comes to broken connections.  If they weren't broken when I put them in...they have become that way over time.  I really wanted a "pure" track system...Atlas fit the, I went for it.  Been paying for it...literally and figuratively...ever since.

All that to say, I am trying to "drop in" some Ross replacements.

Atlas sells Ross to Atlas, and Gargraves to Atlas, conversion pins.  A regular Atlas track joiner can be used.  The lower track profile, on Gargraves, has to be removed, with a dremel tool.  I had purchased Atlas conversion pins, and found the regular Atlas track connectors, worked best. IMO, Mike CT.

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Interesting comment. Anyone with an all Gargraves layout care to expound?

I've used tubular, Fastrack, and Atlas track.  While I do like Atlas track, my current layout was built with all Ross switches and Gargraves and Ross track.  They work together seamlessly, and I've been very happy with my choice.  The bonus is they also match in appearance.

I agree that Atlas track looks a bit more realistic as to tie sizes, and I love the solid rails.  However, my experience with Atlas switches convinced me that Atlas switches were not going to have a place on my layout.  Also, Ross has a richer assortment of switches that tipped the balance.

I used all Atlas track and switches, just liked the look. I bought all of it on the auction site with the understanding I would need to re-wire the turnouts. I used tortoise motors. Everything works great and I got some great deals. Of course, it took a while to accumulate all the parts, but I planned ahead of my construction start.

@SD60M in that case, why not replace your problematic "first generation" Atlas switches with the latest versions, like-for-like?  No issues connecting to the existing Atlas track, compatible appearance, and an exact match with the geometry of the existing switches.

I have high hopes for the current production Atlas switches.  I'm considering several layout designs that require O36 curve-replacement switches, which is the only size that Ross doesn't make.  I refuse to drop back to O31 for a few very sound reasons.  But I can't seem to prevail on Steve to offer his excellent switches in O36 .

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