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catnap posted:

I think the 2016 All Scales Catalog (January-June) comes out this weekend at the Amherst Train Show. Of course, the January announcement has already been made.

You are probably right on that I had forgotten that Atlas has a booth at that show, I have been to that show twice and it is a really excellent all around train show unfortunately at nearly 5 hrs each way it is not worth it any more for me.Just saying.

Basically, Atlas shipped us all of the 3 Rail engines they had left - they are sold out..... we are still offering these at our pre-order discount plus free shipping.

I still have a few extras of these in stock. 

  • Both numbers C&O
  • Both numbers PC
  • Both numbers Chessie
  • Both numbers Reading and Northern
  • One WP - #2258

I have been able to get some additional 2 rail units. They're selling at $225 plus shipping. Let me know if you want a 2 Rail and I will try to get you one!


If they did this engine as a Master Line I would probably get one.

I just ordered a Lionel LEGACY Chessie GP9 from Charles Ro that should arrive in the spring plus I have 2 Lionel LEGACY Chessie SD40's from the 2015 Signature Edition catalog that are supposed to be delivered next month according to the shipping schedule. These 3 engines will do it for my big ticket model train purchases this year and probably the foreseeable future.

I'm sure these Trainman U23B's are nice. They should be after 3 years in the works.

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