Atlas just announced for summer preordering......

  • Articulated Auto carriers... NS, TTX, Santa Fe
  • 1923 ARA box cars (X-29 style) C&O, CGW, LNE black, PRR storage, DT&I, NKP  (still have some of these in stock from prev runs)
  • Comet passenger cars...NJT, Metro North, MBTA
  • 89' piggyback flat cars...FEC, WP, TTX, APL, SP, GN, BN   (still have some of these in stock from last run)
  • Cylindrical cover hopper cars...IT, GN, Potacan, Hooker, Westroc, UP

Just got them all up on the website. ...........



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Seems like Atlas has really settled into this pattern of,"nothing new,"and they don't even do much refreshing of out of stock merchandise such as CSX&NS 4750 cvd hoppers. These been off the shelves for a long time. Seems like they're slowly getting out of O Scale.(?) Just my opinion of course.

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Al Hummel

I’m up for all 4 road #s of the TTX 89’ flats and both sets of the TTX articulated auto carriers. Unfortunately, with all of the recent product cancellations, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for any of this to be delivered by 1st Qtr 2020 if they’re delivered at all.

I wouldn’t expect anything new from Atlas for a long time. They have a hard enough time getting existing products out the door.

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Well....FWIW...I've got a pallet of Atlas O arriving today....PS-1 50' box cars and 62' bulkhead flat cars.  So things are getting done...just a a slower rate than before...which is fine w me.  Also...I might have some of the TTX 89' flat cars in stock...If so, I'll put them up on the website...


I can see why Atlas isn't getting into new tooling. From my perspective I have an interest in NJT Comet cars, just because it would give me something I have actually ridden in. If I was going to put a full train together of NJT comets it wouldn't be cheap, and those aren't unreasonable prices compared to the competition either.

If I reject reality and substitute 3-Rail, how does Narrow Gauge come into all of this?

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