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  Atlas RS1’s have changed over the years. The first models had no cruise. They then had EOB and the latest has ERR cruise. Sounds like you have an EOB version as they slowly ramp up to speed. You can play with the settings. It’s a few button pushes. The factory setting is 128 steps. You can change it to  32 steps which speeds up the acceleration.
 It would help to know what you have. Changing the engines ID has no bearing on how it runs.

Similar question:  Response earlier this month. (May, 2020).  Click on the underlined phase to link.   There is an additional link to the EOB installation/adjustment instructions in this tread. 

Testing and adjustment information begins page 28 of this document.  All was done, at that time, with the Cab1 remote/TMCC Command Base.

Somewhere in this information, EOB speed control, could not only be adjusted, as has been mentioned, it could also be turned Off, with the Cab1 remote.   

Additional information, also talked about the wheel metal, and cleaning paint from the wheels/ and flanges. 

Best wishes with your project, Mike CT.  



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