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I also did one a few years ago. I removed everything and used a Lenz 1.8 amp back-EMF DCC decoder. Worked great despite the lower than usual amp rating for an O scale engine. If you like the way these excellent engines run now, wait until you see their low speed operation with the back EMF cruise!

At the time, I used NWSL replacement wheelsets, and Atlas supplied everything else - wheel-wiper pickups, insulators for the pickups, even the screws necessary to install them. The basic truck frame was the same for 3-rail or 2-rail: pre-drilled for either the center rollers or the 2-rail wheel wipers. Smile

my conversion:
I took a stock 3 rail-TMCC, swapped the wheelsets for NWSL geared sets, removed the TMCC board, made wipers from some bronze sheet stock, added a NCE D13SR decoder for control and lights, and a SoundTraxx DSX decoder for sound.

I also re-worked the sideframe mounts to allow them in closer to the wheels.
Thanks for the info on the decoders. All my locos are one motor locos.

I am planning too equip only 2 with DCC sound and the rest with DCC only. I had considered the MRC TEch 6 that would allow some of my locos to remain DC. If I can use HO decoders I would go all DCC. I am not sure the HO decoders would handle the Weaver/Pittman motor so I may have to go O scale on them.

Again, thanks for info as I continue to learn about DCC.

Originally posted by Old Goat:
I used a TCS (Train Control Systems) T1 decoder in an Atlas SW switcher and also in a Rich Yoder 44 tonner (I removed one motor for another project) and ran them on a 2x8 switching layout w/o a problem. My control system is an old Atlas DCC Commander, Base and Hand Control...which can still be found on auction sites.


I can attest to the worth of this TCS T1 decoder as well...a bargain at about 20 bux and with a capacity to operate well in smallish O scale engines.


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