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I just purchased three new replacement Atlas switch machines (all stamped 2012 on the back of the package). When I hard wire the middle screw to my common and touch either side to the hot, I get the switch amchine to fire perfectly. But when I connect the switch machine to the control box as diagrammed in the instructions, I cannot get the switch machine to fire at all. I've tried multiple control boxes and even one of the other switch machines, mixing and matching, but I get nothing. I've never encountered this before. It's as if I have to bypass the control box whenever I want to change the switch position. I have other Atlas switch boxes ganged together with the one in question and they work fine off of the upper common and bottom hot of said control box, which is the left-most of the gang.

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I think I fixed it but the problem was not electrical, or may have been only in part. The cover on the switch machine may have been just a little too snug, preventing the solenoid from engaging. But I also added an old Miniatronics CDU which seems to have given a little "jiuce" to the action. I know that Atlas switches like a higher voltage for engagement and all my old (from atr least 10 years ago) seem to play well. In any event, teh fact that I'm back in business is a happy ending in and of itself! If the Atlas 6924 boards were easily available, I'd probably have had this working a lot earlier. They help a lot.

Howard - I need to edit this post - hopefully I have not screwed you up.
In deed the middle terminal on the Atlas machine machine can be either power or common. If connected to common the DPDT toggle switches need to connect to power. If the machine is connected to power then the toggle switches need to connect to common.The control box acts like a DPDT relay. Two wires go to the machine and the third goes to either ground or power to complete the circuit depending on your machine connection.

Here is the issue. If you plan on using Atlas 200 snap relays in conjunction with the Atlas O switch machine to power lights the center post on the relay has to connect to power to work properly. This means the switch motor has to connect to common and the DPDT toggle switches must connect to power.

I just learned about this - Sorry

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