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I don’t know if I am trying to over simplify things here, but is converting a Atlas F3 TMCC to PS3 mainly a case of ripping out all the electronics except the motors and wiring in and installing a PS3 upgrade kit. Now I know there is a lot to installing that kit, it’s not a plug and play type of thing, lots of wiring, mounting etc etc. I just didn’t know if there is anything in the unit that needs to stay except the motors and pickup rollers.

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You can keep the lights if they're LEDs. Just figure out the polarity of them before you reconnect.

Rip it all out and rewire. I did a dash 8 with PS2 years ago, it wasnt that bad.  It took a standard tach reader tape size, but needed a reader with a spacer (a standard MTH part, just not the reader in the upgrade kit) for it to pick up the stripes.

You will have some tight areas to clear and if it has smoke you need to modify for PS-2/3.  I have done several and they are excellent runners.  The above on the LED lights is correct.  Some model had alternating led depending on motor direction.  Take it out.  I would also replace the HL/RL though they could be used.  G

It's rumored that the 2nd run of Atlas F3s, and perhaps some road switchers got a lower (numerically higher) gear ratio to improve their slow-speed operation.

Every MTH diesel that I've ever measured has motors geared 10.5:1 to the wheels, so that's what the sound/personality files are programmed for.  If the Atlas is different, Hobo will have to adjust the tach tape striping if he wants accurate scale speed, or to lashup with other MTH locos.

It would be nice to know whether Atlas really did change the gear ratio on their later runs.  Also, whether said change was limited to the 2-rail versions because that audience complained the loudest.  Something to consider as part of this conversion.

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