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I am trying to get my operating cars to work for my Lionel sawmill.   For some reason the log dump car (plunger style?) won't work.  Yet a coal (shoe style?) car does work.   Any tips here?  Based on the coal car and a power check the track is working, I think.  I tried another operating car with a plunger style and it doesn't work either.  I am using the Atlas accessory rails #6097.     I added pictures of the 2 cars for reference.  Thank you in advance for any thoughts.


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Again,  poking around the Atlas website, I don't see a combined UC+UL piece of track. You have to "build your own" using a combination of using a #6059 and the rails from #6097 (and possibly some short pieces depending on your track plan).

The other option is adapt to Gargraves or other track brand just for that one spot (example using #6096 Grargraves transition rail joiners).

or another way is tubular Lionel 6-65530 O Gauge Tubular UCS Remote Control Track and O TRANSITION JOINERS 6/BLISTER #6095 Note, one potential problem with tubular is the railhead height match between the taller tubular O section and then Atlas on a typical roadbed.

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