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Mr Union Pacific posted:

Porsche, THAT LOOKS FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!!!  The ballast looks great too, what did you use?

Thanks !  I used Woodland Scenics Ballast Coarse Gray 32 oz B1389 Super easy to use.  I wired the light from the building to the motor so it lights up when its being used. Super cool !!!  I like the speed of the speed of the motor. I wired in a toggle switch on opposite side of the layout so when I put in in action I can walk around and have time to actually move an engine on or off the turntable with plenty of time before it goes to the next line while its still activated. Not sure I said that right but since you have the same setup Im sure you know what I mean.  Turntable works like it should now thanks to you.

Building fits like a glove and actually looks like it would have been included  with the Atlas table.

Thanks again !


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.13.02 AM


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 Had issue with power to the turntable took it apart to find out the springs were Burnt anyways I took a couple pictures of IMG_0590IMG_0588IMG_0587what came with my turntable compared to my buddies turntable seem like there was like an upgrade or something for the connective roller bearing any ideas if there was an update  mine is on the right his was on the left his came in one big piece where mine was just like a barbarian with the spring and then that little metal socket that kind a held in place 


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Mr. Union Pacific,

Thanks for posting this thread. It was a great help to me in installing my Atlas turntable. I used the same motor and gear as you, but I decided to mount the motor under the table. Here are a couple of pictures and a short video of the turntable in operation:


I did have to cut away a small amount of the plastic on the bottom of the turntable so the gear shaft wouldn't hit it.



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