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I have had this "kit" for a while now.  Cannot find my box of scribed sides, so am considering using these.

First, they are smooth side - did Santa Fe have ice cars with plywood sides?

Second - do they have value as some obscure part of O Scale history?  Am I making a mistake by glueing that stuff inside a box forever?

Third - how does a big box of beautiful scribed plywood sides get so lost?  Enquiring minds want to know.image


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Bob,  Are you asking about a designated ice car which is an insulated car used to carry ice for the railroads, some of which was for the cooling systems of passenger cars or an ice bunker car which could carry ice in bunkers at either end of the car?  The ice was loaded via hatches in the roof. These cars were designed to transport fresh fruits and vegetables between the growing areas and major markets.  John

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