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Hey Bob,

While perusing posts about Lobaugh locos, I couldn't help but notice that you are a collector of everything Lobaugh, and love J3's (and, I assume, J2's, J4's and J5's).  I think we may breathe the same air, and I'm in California too.  My purpose for joining this site was to see if anybody else had a Lobaugh FEF 4-8-4.  I think they're fairly rare (under 50 made, then WWII took over?), and I wonder if you have one of those brutes.  Mine is stock, and will pull the lungs out of a tonnage train if I let it.  (I did once...won't do THAT again!).

Anyway, just a 'ping' to see if anybody's home and friendly...

I'm totally new to this site, and may not be able to find this page again but, if you (or someone) does respond, and don't see anything from me, that's probably what happened.  My email address is  markspencer1011 at, just in case...



Mark in Modesto

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Continuing with that search, I found that I had answered Mark on another thread. I no longer feel quite so bad.

My photos seem to have longevity here, so even though I re-post a photo now and then, I do not do so wholesale.  But on another forum all my photos have either disappeared or have been stamped with a "Photobucket" overlay.  If anyone is seriously interested in Lobaugh and has not seen my collection it is re-appearing (wholesale!).  Check out my post on the "Lobaugh" thread.

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