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I've had several examples, in both 2 and 3 rail. I think they are quite nice, and I recently got a set of "2 rail":

auel 1

Here's one truck, next to an Auel 3 rail set of wheels:

auel 2

Big difference in wheel size, yet the "2 rail" wheel sets are not insulated from each other.

What's up with that? 

Mark in Oregon


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Thank you. They seem to be a pretty close match. These wheels I have are strange, most of the wheelsets are insulated, and the wheels on either end of the axle have different depth flanges. (Different casting for the insulated and non-insulated wheels) On closer inspection, the non-insulated wheels actually do say Auel on them. I have 36 of these that came in a lot of parts off Ebay, and they're not doing me any good, so if someone needs any Auel wheelsets I can sell some. I can probably swap the insulated wheels out for non-insulated wheels to make matching sets.


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