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i've been getting back into 'spraying', to fix or restore some equipt i've had. the simple blacks an browns are ok, but  i used to be pretty good w/air brush a long time ago & would like to feel comfortable on some of these detailed engines an cars today.  for example:  Tuscan Red = some of the paint co i used 30yrs ago are gone.  i've done alot of searching but find blogs that lead onto a purist conversation, that ok, as  i'm reading, there must be 1/2doz tuscan reds.  there were shades before WW2 @ different after.  as a youth, when i used to spray some cars, 'penn. tuscan red' by floquill was 'the tuscan red' . soo, reading how Lionel, MTH, Atlas etc use these colors ? - where are their 'color match charts' to paints being sold on line ?  i've been to a doz hobby stores and their not the same either.   also, what type of taping is out there for line detail.  i used masking tape but i'm hearing theres some great stuff out there now. thankyou for your patience,  looking forward to finish acouple of projects.   cheers, Doug

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Mr. Adventure,

I can definitely sympathize with you on the paint colors.

Floquil is gone, I think purchased by Testors but the detail saving paint is not around anymore. I have found some of the acrylic paint works in the proper airbrush, but the color match, that is another story. I acquired a pair of UP diesels that were in need of major repairs. My local hobby shop had in stock several colors of the UP yellow or gold if you prefer but none matched, he was good enough to special order from another manufacturer, but it was not a match.

I ended up going to Home Depot and they made a decent match. The problem there was latex paint which is to thick and obliderates details, fortunately on the diesels it wasn't a highly detailed area.

I have been told that Sherwin Williams will color match paint, you may be able to find the match you want, but may have to purchase more than needed


Pennsynut; Ray; Rick; Pete; Chuck;    I would like to thank you for your reply's and comments.  I am looking into them especially the attachment for 'post-floquil' guide to painting w/ acrylic's. The scale coat needs a look at as well.  I had seen the frog tape along side the blue everyone is using - but thought an felt it was for house painting, cutting in windows n doors ?  it didn't seem 3-d flexible for around indented corner work or around built in detail work as on a tender.  i used to use a 'liquid' for around window type details  - but my hand isn't that 20 yr old anymore.  ha  thankyou all again, and with success i hope to be able to figure out how to display a picture on here for opinions.   regards, Doug

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