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Lee, the brass at the railroad heard of your plight, and made arrangements to have REA send the cab on their fast freight. They have the chocks in place, and just have to get some chains on it!B19932A1-4A14-4D74-9249-FCE0B44EE456

Thanks when it arrived I will notify REA Dispatch and it can get to work dropping some trailers off at the C.E.S. Warehouse. Thanks my friend and I will ship it back ASAP. Will it be taking the Phoebe  Route?

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WOW guys, some wonderful photos of some great looking cars and truck in outstanding scenes! I am sorry I have nothing to offer today as there has been an ongoing request to get things done around here before snow falls! LOL I will try and get some shots of my tank area with a couple of the tankers loading up. Granted this all has to be done before the light comes up in the morning.

@Richie C. posted:

Thanks, Lee - pic's of finished model below. The two figures came with the kit and are also hand-painted. Everything was molded from the factory in a bright green color (including wheels and tires), so everything had to be hand or spray (rattle can) painted. I also moderately detailed the undercarriage. It was a difficult build because the cab is not one piece. It is formed by the fender assembly, front bumper, two doors, roof and cab backing plate which all have to be cemented in place at basically the same time to get everything matched up. I also had to find 4 different colors of brown for the boxes, barrels, stakes and truck bed. All the cab pieces were sprayed with dull coat after painting. The decals, even after 65 years, went on fairly easily using Micro-Sol, although I can see from the pic's,  need to trim the "Chevrolet" decal on the front bumper.

I have three more of these to do and will gradually get to them. For now, I want to concentrate on getting my roundhouse built. The only question is whether I should weather the truck now that it is done ?


Thanks for the link Richie. I will refer to this often when I get around to building the truck.


I like to bring this guy to shows on occasion, no clue if Optimus Prime is a proper 1/43rd scale but he fits in well enough with the other O gauge vehicles in his vehicle mode and kids love it when he's duking it out with Megatron somewhere on the layout. I even slightly modified his trailer to accept a K-line railmate wheelset so it can act as part of my roadrailer/intermodal freight train.



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Thanks.  Don't know who made the truck, all it says on it is "Made in China".  Didn't come in a package, I found it loose on the bottom of a shelf in a local antique store.  I like to browse through them here once every few months.  Most of the time come away empty handed but you never know when you'll find something interesting.

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