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Ted, you can also order new replacement tires. That’s a nice looking ford you have coming. I did a couple of those. The tire size for that vehicle is 15mm.

Im currently working on my Rolls, but I May try some unconventional colors, kind of like if this was Paris Hilton’s Rolls. We’ll see how it turns out. If it’s a no go, I’ll be able to strip and repaint.  Stand by, it will be a couple days yet.

Jd, where do you order the tires from... I would like a nice new set of rubber'.. I'm waiting for a bid on a Studebaker, and that baby will need new rubber too....

Also, are you using spray paint, or Testors model car paint???😃

Okay JD, thanks for the info... I'll check for tires, I have plenty of Rustoluem.... on hand'...😃 and Testors, acrylics, and Vallejo..Water colors, oils.. you name it....LOL..A scratch builder must be prepared for whatever project comes along...(LOL)😉

ANd JD, in a non socialist country, competition is the spice of life.....😊Your the Corgi/Dinky master restorer... No worries.........

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OK fellows, here is a bargain for you.  I usually "Christmas Up" the layout in Nov Dec just for fun and I was shopping with the wife the other night at Walmart.  The auto pictured below is what I found.  It appears (as best I can tell) to be a 1929 Ford Model A with a Christmas Tree on the roof.  It is lit with an inside light and headlights.  Its cost was just $5.95 .  Now it is an external model only and made completely of porcelain or china so does not roll, but it fits perfectly on my layout.  What a price!  Here are some pictures:

Here is the side view, little shinny but the harsh light to photo by gives off some bad reflections.  Could use a little dullcote but not too bad.

Ford with Tree - side

Front View note the Christmas wreath on the radiator

Ford with Tree- front view

Here she is with the interior and headlights on...even has a driver!

Ford with Tree- lights on

Here it is integrated into the traffic on my "highway"

Ford with Tree on layout

Anyway, could not pass up a bargain like this, especially since after January the Christmas stuff is put away till next year.

Best wishes



Images (5)
  • Ford with Tree - side
  • Ford with Tree - side
  • Ford with Tree- lights on
  • Ford with Tree on layout
  • Ford with Tree- front view

Quarter Gauger 48: In Jan. 65, I was assigned to the 49th Transportation Group with HQ in Mannheim, Germany.  Sent to the BTMO (Branch Transportation Movement Office) in Nuremberg with duty stations in Ansbach and Regensburg, both operated by the Bundeswehr Vekehrskommandantuer (Traffic Command Office).  In the Ansbach office, Herr Kirsch taught me my first German.  On return to the States in Aug. 67, after my three year hitch with the Transportation Corps, I improved it thanks to the Goethe Institute's 1st and 2nd year German language courses which aired on PBS.

Arriving in Germany I fell in love with Deutsche Bundesbahn steam, diesel, and electric locomotives.  I couldn't help but wonder just how many of the older steam and electrics had worked during WWII, some surely having pulled goods wagons equipped with barbed wire covering the small vent openings, hauling human cargo to their final destination?  I visited the concentration camp in Dachau (not far from Munich) in 1966 and the air in the "shower room" was still stale!  Not a pretty sight.

Today we are fighting WWIII with a deadly global disease.  Thank God (really) for O Gauge Railroading, with a dedicated professional staff who continue to assist model railroaders of all ages and gauges overcome the partial lockdowns we are currently forced to live with.  Not to forget the many members who are also friends, always ready to help their fellow modelers solve problems, or just enjoy good company in these troubled times in which we now find ourselves.




Lets try to stick with the Topic at hand. We have been warned several times about “ Memory Lane” and such.  I would hate to see MY THREAD shut down because of this please have some respect.  If you want to talk about old times and different subjects PM that person.

Start off with my favorite and most surprising finds- found in pop’s attic today!

First pic, got to the bottom box, opened it up and to my surprise saw 3 orange and blue boxes along with an Ertl 1:50 scale Yuengling semi. Lionel City Bus Lines GM Coach/bus, Lionel City Van Lines Mack semi, Lionel City Police Dept. 1957 Chevy. Boxes and vehicles all in pristine condition. Thanks Pop, you’re still giving 4 years later


A mix previous gifts from Pop, attic finds at Pop’s from today,  and one of my own buys(listed in that order): Gifts from pop when I was younger-Corgi 1:50 scale Chevy Police car(just like the Lionel one except I believe it’s California Highway Patrol And Corgi fire truck. Attic finds today-Unopened 1:43 scale road champs Chevy with billboard and 1:43 scale police police car. Also found diecast Ertl Kenworth cab with depressed semi and Liberty Classics limited edition Good Year semi- tractor trailer. The Goodyear is SLIGHTLY bigger than the early Lionel “o gauge”(I think more s scale in size) 1990s intermodal tractor trailers. Then, one of my own buys, K-line K-Kreisler 1/43 scale F-1504F096410-86BF-4085-B348-031873C4CAD8

Here are some 1:46 scale Ford F-150s , by Kinsmart, that I bought at rite aid. I put CSX and SP water decals on The 2 on the left and will do something similar with the 2 on the right


The corgi highway Police car and K-Line 1/43 Amtrak F-1506A1627A6-F3F1-46E2-8C4F-3282B103F0A9

Road Champs 1/43 scale Jeep, trailer and pick-up truck AF055918-D179-4C2B-A0E9-7E7337743EFB

The parked cars are all my own buys and are wellys or Kinsmart(except the convertible- Solido 1:50 scale If I recall correctly): then 1:46 scale station wagon and Range Rover, unknown scale Mercedes G-class but it fits. The Police tow truck is something from when I was younger that came with a K-line police train set, I believe it’s 1:43 scale.A9D44EB5-1D32-4B3C-9D12-9BF5633BE7E5

of all these, I’m really excited to have found those Lionel Corgis!


Images (7)
  • 5660A438-2CDE-4F06-A884-AB7AC563A4FB
  • D1129AE1-7ADE-4BF7-9507-6A922FD42E75
  • 6A1627A6-F3F1-46E2-8C4F-3282B103F0A9
  • AF055918-D179-4C2B-A0E9-7E7337743EFB
  • 59DD86A5-56C7-4B58-9E80-D7B43691D90F
  • 4F096410-86BF-4085-B348-031873C4CAD8
  • A9D44EB5-1D32-4B3C-9D12-9BF5633BE7E5

Sighhhh- '57 Chev 2 door Bel Aire hardtop police car??  THAT has always bugged me. Ever watch the Perry Mason reruns?  Lt. Tragg arrives in a '57 Chevy 150 (Delray) 4 door withOUT whitewall tires and with the cheapo hub caps in lieu of garish wheel covers.  And I am sure there was NO AM radio in the unit as well.

And THAT IS the way it WAS back in those halcyon days of yore----ask any of us who lived back then.  Criminals just weren't treated to a sporty ride, and neither were "the fuzz". Heh heh....-Salty Rails

@wbg pete very nice collection of Mudtangs! I have one that’s similar to the blue and whitein your 2nd pic except colors are reversed m. Personally, the two in your last picture are my favorites, but there’s also a neat quality to the paint schemes in your first pic... I guess simply put- they’re all really cool !

@Salty Rails personally I like the look of the corgi highway patrol cars and the roadchamps one in my pictures. Despite my layout trying to focus on being modern I go out of my way to make sure it’s on there, for a few reasons. But, to each his own

@lee drennen @mike g. And @Trinity River Bottoms Boomer thank you for the complete!  Over the coming week you’ll be seeing some more of my pop’s collection that’s meant to go to me. Also have some bids on some really neat corgi classics and k-line RR vehicles that go on auction tomorrow at  a local antique mall’s “Dutch auction “. Fingers crossed!!🤞

@wbg pete posted:

My Father used these on Christmas Gardens he made for my older Sister in the late 1930's.

The REA truck is Tootsie Toy.  You can tell I played with it a lot.

The auto (larger than 1:43) and dump cars have no maker markings.


Classic antiques--it's great that they're also family heirlooms. I couldn't help noticing that the white jet on the lower display shelf is a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior. You don't see those very often--but it happens to be the type of jet I flew (as navigator) during the Cold War.

Well hello to everyone, great pictures / posts all.  Mustang, what a great semi from McDonalds.  You didn't mention the year of the truck, but the design on the trailer clearly dates it to the 1950's.  " 15 cents and 100 Million Sold" were their first slogans, the number sold today is in the billions I think.  I do remember when the first McD's opened in our town however and that 15 cent price was just amazing.  No eating inside like today however, you ate in your car or took it home.  Great detail on the truck really amazing.

My truck today is a bit on the other end of the spectrum.  Not much detail (in fact  none) on the cab at all. However I liked the lithographed tinplate cargo section labeled "ICE".  You may not remember but back when most of us heated our homes with coal, the business that delivered the coal typically advertised..."coal and ice" . they had a year round business to use their trucks and drivers.  Coal for the furnace and ice for your ice box.

Here is the side view.  I have no absolute scale but its about O scale perhaps just a shade larger but not much.  You can see the cab and frame are just a single plastic molding. The tires are rubber with metal axles.  It is a simple roller toy, no friction, wind up or inertia power unit.

Ice Truck side view

Front view, you can see the tabs on the sheet metal load area so it was obviously an inexpensive toy.  The lithography however is really well done and crisp with distinct color lines and no bleed over.  The cab is hollow and although well detailed as a casing, has no added on details or windows .

Ice truck front view

Here is the rear view.  My recollection of the ice trucks that came around (I was in high school when we stopped getting coal but folks in our area  stopped getting ice much earlier ). So I occasionally saw an ICE truck but mostly it was for commercial deliveries or to sports events.  However it did look somewhat like this, the step allowed the driver/ delivery person to easily reach up to the load floor and slide the blocks of ice to the rear where he would pick them up with "tongs" .  Usually a layer of sawdust was over the floor and the blocks to cut down on melting.

Ice truck rear view

I was thinking, maybe I could get one of the detail kits that was discussed in this post earlier and "add on" some detail to improve the look of this guy.



Images (3)
  • Ice Truck side view
  • Ice truck front view
  • Ice truck rear view

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