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I found this 1:43 pickup truck outfitted with US Air Force Security Police decals on Ebay.  Mick the Dalmatian (RIP) made me proud when he joined the service! 

And for the OGR Magazine crew, yes, that's the little whistle stop shed from the Ameri-Towne product line.  I detailed it a little bit with some paint, windows and a grain of wheat light.  It served as "gate shack" for the sentry at the entrance to Liberty Air Force Base on my last layout.  It's safely packed away with the rest of my trains for the "next layout" I'll start building sometime next year after some basement remodeling work.

Base Gatehouse

My daughter did 4 years in USAF Security Forces. Thule, Ali Al Salam and McGuire.  That would be a great addition to the layout.  Where did you get on eBay?

🤬 I see all my photos are gone from my post on Integrity motors, and Baby's first car'.. Never had this happen before.  I spent a few good hours writing and re-sizing the photos.. for the presentation.  Very curious why this happened???

Ted, I noticed that some of the photos were missing the same day you posted, I just thought the photos would just pop up when ready!

@Artie-DL&W posted:

Waiting for my paint order to come in, but trimming and assembly of parts continues. You can’t have enough weights and clamps! My dog is bored.


Somebody looks awful comfortable'.....😊

Not sure if the forum is having a technical issue.  I had a 100 plus Forum responses from my post the other day in my junk mail file.  Many were the same response several times over.  The same post that all my photos disappeared'...???  I recommend everyone check their junk file'....

@Artie-DL&W posted:

Waiting for my paint order to come in, but trimming and assembly of parts continues. You can’t have enough weights and clamps! My dog is bored.


Really nice looking...................                                                                                               ..........................................pup Artie. 👍

I look forward to seeing if the model looks just as good.😉

@Artie-DL&W posted:

Okay, Lee, you asked for it! I was hesitant, because I lost my right eye, and most of my right sinus to cancer two years ago, and avoided photos. Now, I’m just happy to still be around, and enjoy my family, friends, and hobbies, so I don’t sweat it as much.

Artie I’m sorry to here this. I’m glad you did it you look find and everyone here are very mature when it comes to these things. I’m glad your still here also. I’ve made another great friend here as well as the others. Keep posting

Here's a "two-fer" -- a forklift and a truck involved in loading pallets with "gas cylinders" on my last layout.

(The gas cylinders are those little plastic tubes used to hold vehicles in their plastic boxes from the factory.  I took out the screws that held those tubes in place to the vehicle and the cheap plastic display tray, then put the screw back in the top of the tube to simulate the top of a gas cylinder.  I think it looks pretty good for something sort of kit-bashed out of some trash items!)

The forklift driver is one of the "Beep People" which used to be sold by RMT Trains.

Forklift and truck with pallet and gas cylinders


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  • Forklift and truck with pallet and gas cylinders

Great updates everyone

Paul, I love the night scene! As for the Grayhound station, that was my plan but I ran out of room really fast! The other end of my layout is industries only.

Artie, I think you look great! Look how bad I turned out after battling Head and Neck cancer, I know how much it sucks! But I am sure your here cause I really like reading your post and all you have to share!

Pat, Nice yard work! I hope that forklift driver has a cert card approving him to run it! LOL

Nothing from me today, just a smile to see you all here!

Here is the “after” shots on the Dinky Austin Devon. Tried something new and went tri-color with it. Dark blue, light blue, stainless steel roof. Just for the heck of it, I also carved some seats, and dashboard. Added a wind screen on the fron, and rear window as well. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. The outdoor shots got washed out with the roof, so I did take one indoor shot. Also, as usual, I keep the base original to show off the patina.



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JD, nice restore on the Austin! I’m impressed with that interior!

Lee, the two greens (Italian Olive for the Army tanker), and the Hunter Green for the REA cab), should arrive next week. That works out well, as I’m sanding flash off the parts and slowly assembling them. I have a flat black for the tires coming in tomorrow.

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