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Thanks guys.  I like the way they both came out.  The truck was pretty easy, the Bel Air interior was tedious but enjoyable.  I had no idea of what color interior would go with a cream colored car except maybe brown or tan so I did some research and came up with some good detailed information. 

Well I hate to admit but I am getting old'.. I started restoring Dinky and Corgi die cast cars, thanks to Joel' forum member.  After starting this new project my good eye, went bad. That was in December.   I had a dense cataract removed.  Two weeks later, I had to have it redone as it developed microscopic particles.. from the cataract breaking up.  Lots of different eye drops applied. 

I'm told 1 in 100,000 develop the problem.  Any way, finally, I again can see what I'm doing to a degree.  Here is the first completed restoration.  A Dinky 49 Ford Sedan.  Before and after shots.  Glass and an interior added.

I had to spray paint at 50 degrees, as the weather has been terrible.  So, you'll see some bubbles.  its from the low temperature painting outdoors...



After dismantling, removing paint, sanding, polishing, undercoating, and taping.


Final product:

49 resr 6 [2)49 resr 449 resr 549 rest 149 rest 3

Seafoam Green and Bimini Blue'.. 1949 Ford Actual colors'..

Thanks for looking 👀 not a 100%, but getting there'..😎


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Ted, I think you did a great job. You really took it to the next level with the glass and interior. I didn’t try that until like car 12. Besides that, jumping into two tone on your 1st car. So what did you do with the base? Seal it with lacquer, or repaint in black? As you know, I usually sand mine and seal it to protect the patina.

very interesting on the wheels too. I never tried two colors, really brings out the “dog dish” style of the covers. I may have to give that a try.


Lee, you've got some great looking vehicles!  The industrial area reminds of an area near where I grew up.  Nothing better than a vintage "Mack" cab, or maybe a "Peterbilt" or "Kentworth"  Is the tractor pulling the Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator unit a Peterbuilt or Kentworth?

Thanks for the complement Paul. It’s a old Revell Kenworth model that I put some Don Mills Wheels and Tires on. Where did you grow up at? I love the East Coast I tried to model my layout like the places I used to see when I hauled freight back East.

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