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@lee drennen posted:

Thanks for the complement Paul. It’s a old Revell Kenworth model that I put some Don Mills Wheels and Tires on. Where did you grow up at? I love the East Coast I tried to model my layout like the places I used to see when I hauled freight back East.

Lee, not far from Boston...more old brick buildings along the tracks and roads that you can count...but many torn down now. Thankfully, many have been saved and converted into living spaces.  I believe the young up-and-comers call them "loft" apartments or condos

Great cars and trucks everyone! I haven't posted anything in a week or so cause I didn't do anything lately. The CEO has had other plans for me, but today I get to go to the train room. I may just run trains and watch NASCAR!

Joe, wonderful job on the Bel-Air!

Ted, nice work for a one good eye guy! Really it looks great!

Paul, Chevy would have got people in, but the Brunet will get more men then women that is for sure! LOL

Lee, Love your car and trucks on your layout!

@JDFonz posted:

Ted, I think you did a great job. You really took it to the next level with the glass and interior. I didn’t try that until like car 12. Besides that, jumping into two tone on your 1st car. So what did you do with the base? Seal it with lacquer, or repaint in black? As you know, I usually sand mine and seal it to protect the patina.

very interesting on the wheels too. I never tried two colors, really brings out the “dog dish” style of the covers. I may have to give that a try.


Thanks very much Joel'.. The most difficult part is finding the correct thickness of plastic for the windows, and installing them... I just finished up the Studebaker.  It took me over two hours to get the windows in, and they are not perfect...  It is great fun bringing these cars back to life.  And you wonder what is the history.  Did they belong to kid in Great Britain,, at one time, and found their way to the US'... Etc. Etc.........

Your thumb tack' solution doe a steering wheel worked out very well..... You'll se it i the Studebaker'... WHen I post it'...🚗😉 

      Here we go with the 2nd Dinky restore'..🤓

A 1952 Studebaker Land Crusier;

Before restoration:


After restoration:

SAM_1038 [2)SAM_1034SAM_1037 [2)SAM_1039 [2)SAM_1040 [2)SAM_1042

A message to buyers:  Please keep in mind, even though these vehicles are restored, they are still a used car.  Some imperfections are impossible to rectify.  Thanks for looking..  😃

Next one up is a 50s chevy panel truck.  Originally a polished brass " Hersey's truck.  Soon to be a (REA) Railroad Express Agency, small freight delivery vehicle'...

SAM_1048SAM_1049panel trk 2panel trk 1😄 A big thank you goes out to,  JDFonz' for introducing me to this aspect of the 1/43 Diecast Car hobby'... It's great fun'.... 


Images (11)
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  • SAM_1038 (2)
  • SAM_1034
  • SAM_1037 (2)
  • SAM_1039 (2)
  • SAM_1040 (2)
  • SAM_1042
  • SAM_1048
  • SAM_1049
  • panel trk 2
  • panel trk 1

Ok Ted your really pulling me to those Dinky cars JD is guilty as well more than you he actually started this and I’m glad he did. I think they would look good on a Traditional layout with some Tootsietoy  Trucks. Or do you think they might be too big. Great restoration on the Studebaker. Keep those restorations coming

Thank you'.. Coach Joe; Toledo Ed; Mike G; Paul; Randy H; Lee D; and Joel, who started this whole thing'.  I really appreciate the acknowledgement and all of your positive comments on these restores'..

Lee, actually these cars are closer to 1/48 scale.  They are quite smaller than their 1/43 cousins.  When photographed, they look larger than in real life....  So, they will fit nicely on any O Gauge Layout'...

This goes to Ed', and anyone that loves cars from the golden days of  Detroit.  I think that is part of the fascination of restoring Dinky and Corgi cars.  It's similar to building your railroads.  One thing leads to another'. Scenery, structures, roads, businesses, and that leads to little people..etc. etc.

I would recommend giving it a try.  Ebay has the best selection of both brands.  Just take the time to search through the pages for the best prices and shipping.  Stay away from Europe as the prices are ridiculous.  Every car and truck lover should try at least one restore or even just a new paint job.....

Thanks again for all your support'...😉

A Restored 1950 Chevy panel truck, redesigned into a REA Delivery vehicle.

Ogilvy & Mather, 1948 famous  Advertising Agency,  holds a photo shoot for the 1948 Ford F-100 and also shoots the 50 Chevy for the REA's advertising campaign.

Some additional vehicles are used to highlight the model'..from, Elite Model Management, for possible future use in ads for Studebaker, and Ford....

P3040205 [2)P3040206 [2)P3040209 [2)P3040212P3040216P3040222P3040227 [2)P3040228P3040229P3040235P3040234

                "Have you driven a Ford lately"



Images (11)
  • P3040205 (2)
  • P3040206 (2)
  • P3040209 (2)
  • P3040212
  • P3040216
  • P3040222
  • P3040227 (2)
  • P3040228
  • P3040229
  • P3040235
  • P3040234

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