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@mike g. posted:

Joel, one thing I have to admire is the paint that is still on the cars really doesn't want to come off! I fallowed the instruction for my paint remover and had to apply it 3 times! LOL

One of the wheels is part broken, but I don't thing I want to take it apart as it still holds a tire on it. I will take a photo later and post it here for any ones thoughts!

Mike'.. Excellent job removing the paint.  And you are correct'.. I have a Corgi Chevy that I have soaked three times in paint remover, and still has paint on it that just won't come off.  What brand paint remover did you use?   It came out good'...

You'll find that krylon or Rustoleum plain primer gray, works best.  I also use the Krylon sprays for the final coates. 

I think if you use a good brand crazy glue, you can repair the broken wheel.

You are doing a heck of a job'... I don't think this will be your last restore'.

I cant wait to see your fire engine when finished'... 😁

Hey Mike, I don’t think I’d do a thing with the broken wheel. I think once you have the tire on you’ll hardly see it.

Steve, as far as tires go, I buy a lot from ravenrose413 on the bay.

But if you want, just in the search on the bay put in Dinky tires 855, or whatever the model number is you are looking for. Trucks are generally 17 or 20mm, dinky cars are 15mm with smooth rubber although there are some dinkys that are smaller, I think they are 12mm. Corgi cars are 15 mm but have treads on them.

Don, that is a very nice find'... And yes those Buicks were heavy beasts.. But they rode as nice a the caddy of the day'.. my mother had a 56 Roadmaster convertible, snow white, red leather interior, black top... and she had a heavy foot'...😁

Ted, here's a '53 I found on the layout...forgot it was down on N. Main St...  It's the lone "Dinky" on the layout...!  Nice quality...

Don, your post above showing the Buick yellow convertible put the idea in my mind to go it is...

Buick Yel 3Buick Yel 5Buick Yel 2


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  • Buick Yel 3
  • Buick Yel 5
  • Buick Yel 2
  • Buick Yel 2
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@StevefromPA posted:

@mike g. And @lee drennen thank you for the compliments- but I must say, I wish I had the customization & restoration skills that you both have!

Mike- I happen to have that Dinky Fire engine and it’s in nice shape- but the way your going with yours, you’re gonna blow the original outta the water!

Lee- absolutely love the work you did with that o-27 Trailer And the tootie cab- paint is exquisite! The trailer sits very prototypically as well.

I’be dabbled in some rolling stock restoration and am currently in the midst of my first vehicle repaint/restoration. It first, What I will say I am decent at is model soldiers. Don’t mean to veer off course, but I am proud of my work on these and they compliment my military vehicles well:

Took this confederate soldier:


Middle French foreign legion as prototype7D484EDE-6B5E-4C9D-94F2-92503DD1F2C4

to create:


Just need to fix the middle portion of the waist- it should be tan.

In terms of vehicles, I’m looking to convert this late model tootsie into a U.N. Vehicle. It was originally purple and really, best word I can think of is “funkadelic”:


Again- much admiration for the skills you guys have! Hopefully, with practice, I can get to a level that’s at least decent.

Steve Thanks the for the complement I hand pained the blue on the International. That figure looks great and I had that Tootsietoy car when I was kid it always reminded me of a dirt track racer like the ones that raced here at home.


Mike, once you install the tire on that wheel, you can fill in the gap with some puty, or a build up of white glue.  Let dry and paint it.....☑

Joel, thanks for chiming in with specs and sellers of the tires..👌 

Paul, that is a nice looking Dinky'... Haven't seen that one before'.. Good looking fotos as well'... And I don't mean just the cars....😁👍

Quartergauger - thanks for the compliment on my Buick.  My wife's Aunt, who used to befriend us both when we were teenagers, had a red / black '57 Roadmaster, 4 door "convertible".  What a beast but OH So SMOOTH on the road!.

Carpetrainman / Paul...yes that one of yours is certainly a duplicate of mine, except the color.  Yours is much closer to true yellow whereas mine is a sort of soft yellow/cream.  Maybe its the picture color making the difference or perhaps mine is somewhat faded due to age or sun...who knows.  Looks good though!


IMG_20210309_185429806_HDR [002)                                      'TWO MORE FOR THE ROAD'

The weather is predicted to hit 64 degrees in the Tri State ARea on Thursday'.  So, I'm hoping to be able to undercoat these two beauties out on the deck.  Speaking of paint, the corgis have the toughest paint to remove.

These two, a 51 Packard, and 59 Chevy are both Corgi.  I have soaked them, in  paint remover for several days, three times.  Sanded, and steel wolled, and still have paint I cant remove..... This is as good as it gets... Spray booth on Thursday'....🤪IMG_20210309_185429806_HDR [002)


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I like it Joel''',  Looks great'.. I really like that chrome paint'.. I have three metallic silvers in acrylic. There nice but as nice as what you have.. What are the particulars on the chrome paint.. I need to get some''''.....😀

After much research, it looks like a 1959 Suburban Wagon.  The grills, side trim and rear lights match up exactly'...

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Hi Ted, Thanks for the kudos. That chrome paint is amazing. It comes in a pen form. Not sure of a name brand as I picked it up at Model Empire in Milwaukee.

It might be liquid chrome. I was astonished with the results. I’ve never seen a chrome paint that actually looked like chrome. A little spendy, $11.00 for the pen.

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