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Looks to me like the last coat of paint attacked the previous.

Using rattle cans, in some cases, actually requires more care than using an airbrush IMO.  First, the pigments in a spray can product are not as fine as in a model paint product.  Second the spray can is far less controllable- it is ON or OFF - no in between, which often leads to too much paint for a scale model or runs, or the crazing you got.

It looks like the solvent in the most recent coat is attacking the underlying coat.  It can be as a result of too heavy a coat on the last one- or of the underlying coat not being dry enough before overcoating. You should probably either remove the paint using a series of solvents- like Denatured alcohol, then (if that didn't work) mineral spirits, then finally lacquer thinner.

Good results are possible with rattle cans.  SO you don't have to have an airbrush.   To get better results-

1. I assume you did not use a primer??  (If so, it is possible that the primer (especially of a different brand of type than the top coat paint) is getting attacked by the color coat.  Use the same brand and type of primer as the color coat. BUT using a primer often covers fine details like rivets etc.

2.  If you use the center of the spray pattern and/or too close- that part will be too heavy, and above and below too light.   (You cannot spray it TOO light, assuming you are not 2 feet away. )  Apply just mist coats, using 3 or 4 coats for the job with drying time between.  I start off ahead of the object and pretty far away- maybe 12", actually painting BELOW it, and use the outer edges of the spray pattern to actually paint the train. Then move up a little when going the other direction.  Move the can rapidly to avoid runs.  Maybe make three passes to try and mist the whole thing. Practice on a piece of cardboard.

2. Start OFF the object to one side, with the nozzle 12-15" away, starting to paint with the center of the spray pattern below the object.

3.  Move the can in one direction from off of one end, until the nozzle is beyond the other end.  Repeat going the other direction, moving the spray pattern about halfway up, then a final pass in the original direction. Then let it dry 5 minutes or so. Wait for 5  minutes or so between coats but not over 24 hours.


Happy Sunday Folks, Thought I'd highlight motorcycles today. I learned how to ride a motorcycle at age 12, on a dirt track know back then as "Scramblers"  My Brother in Law, was a racer, and Harley shop owner.  I rode up until a few years ago, but stopped  due to the psychos on the road..  Any way, I've always loved the english bikes. Not too many in O scale. But here's a few from Germany, by "Schuco Piccolo".  Pricy, but worth it as you will see.




Triumph 500 Tiger'


Horex Regina - 250


Action shot'..😃


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Thanks for the input, Mike. I did use a compatible primer, but as you mentioned, I went in a little too close and wet on that area. I have used an airbrush, but you can get a good finish with a rattle can. I just finished a Plasticville coaling tower in another post, and it came out well. The next warm, un-windy day, I’ll try again. I just tried to rush it.

@Artie-DL&W posted:

No worries, Lee, I just used fine sandpaper, and leveled off the finish, cleaned it, and will wait for a nice day, and just lightly hit that area. I like that blue, which looks close to Sunoco blue.

Good sounds looks like you have this under control. Do you mind sharing what color Blue you are using? I never use a airbrush don’t even own one not worth the hassle been using a Rattle can for 40+ years and I’m happy with my results and if I don’t use a Rattle can I hand paint my models

WOW a lot of good advice being given here! I will try and soak everything in!

Ted, Great looking scenes and bikes, but I have to agree with Paul that gals that the bikers bring along don't leave much to the imagination! But hey I am ok with that! LOL

Artie, I also like the deep blue, I have the same can in my garage. Its the same color I used to paint my scratch built silo's for my Morton Salt building! Great rattle can Paint!

John, you sure have a vast verity of military folks on your base! I sure hope they are all on the same side! LOL Great looking new rigs!

Paul, the dealerships look great together! I know around here you can go down Auto Row and have every dealer of almost every car made right next to each other! Once again I love the night scene!

John, just checking, wanted to make sure there were no spy's that might have snuck there way on to base!

Great job everyone!

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