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Artie. Your fire truck is really nice and the Millitary scene looks great

Kevin. Thanks for sharing your pics and the bus looks great

Paul. Glad you like the Pete. Your pics look good also

Ted. great restoration on the vehicles. The sled looks great

Sorry I’m behind it’s that time of year I start the garden and hatching/ raising baby chicks. Care on Gentleman

To take the history of the 'Quonset" hut a little farther back, back in the 50's when the the 'Quonset Naval Air Station" was a flourishing military base,  it was considered a deep sea port, and as a result US Navy aircraft carriers were stationed there while destroyers and other navy ships were stationed across the bay at the "Newport Naval Base."  In addition to the deep sea port, the base had (has) a runway airstrip capable of accommodating even today's large military or commercial jets.

So the Quonset hut was named for the place of its origin and original the "Quonset Naval Air Station."   Quonset was once know as the home of the "Seabees!"  The base closed for active military service in the '70's as part of a downsizing by the Nixon administration.

Lionel did a nice job on the model of the Quonset hut...I may see if I can pick up a couple for old times sake.  Artie, thanks for putting the QH on my radar

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