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JD, Amazing job! Its nice to see you used the plates I am glad they worked for you!

Lee, the plates are from Ted, I just printed them up so you guys could use them! When I get around to it I will install some also! Oh by the way I got my little people today, sure looks like a lot of work, but I will get to them after my fence work for the layout and the house painting for the CEO! LOL

Hi guys, I fell 3-4 pages behind so I'm probably going to miss commenting on a few posts but here goes.

Rich C, thanks for the how to convert a bank post.  I've got two or three I need to do and was thinking along those lines but hadn't quite figured out how to secure the "backing plate".

Ted, Joel; more great restos out of each shop.

Mike, the correct placement makes almost every vehicle work.

Some nice trips down memory lane from the SCCOG (Sports Car Club of O Gauge)

@trumptrain posted:

Corgi Landrover given to me for Christmas by one of my uncles who lived in England ... this was back in the early 1960s .... long ago.  I have incorporated into my present layout several  pieces dating all the way back to my first train layout from when I was 4 years old.  IMG_5856

Patrick, enjoying the numerous colors and detail in your scene...great looking "safari" Rover!  Better call a tow truck to get it off the tracks before the "local" comes along

WOW' we Joel'... that sure is a beauty'... Reminds me of the purple people eater".. A guy in town had the exact vehicle.  On the back it was airbrushed, Purple People Eater'..

I'll be out of commision for a while.  Too many projects on the list from the CO.  Wish me luck'... 😉

Ted, I believe the CO's are calling role because the home projects are mounting up and it's more difficult to find time for the trains, cars, and Forum...but will keep trying to do both

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