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The office crew was leaving Morrison Door for the day when three hot shots showed up with their Chevelle SS 396's to impress a certain blonde lady from the admin staff.  Everything was cool until the top sales guy showed up in his 455 Buick Grand Sport to pick-up his commission check for the week!  Needless to say, the sales guy grabbed all the attention...

Grand Sport 1


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My New Haven railroad is still using some repainted telephone trucks from their WWII surplus acquisitions.  OK, so it’s really a 1/48 3D printed kit from a French company GAS O LINE.  This is not for the faint of heart—lots of tricky fitting and careful attention to logic in the assembly, since all the material is printed in French😬and no, I don’t speak or understand it.  It’s the challenge….



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This isn't new but I never posted it.  I wanted an airport fire truck for my planned air field / air museum but at the time those types of trucks were very high dollar.  Seeing inexpensive airport fire trucks recently made me remember this one.  I found it in the toy aisle, it's a Disney Cars Rescue Ryker model.  Like all Cars characters it had eyes in the windshield.  I found a picture of the front of an airport fire truck, scaled it to fit, printed it on label paper and we have a windshield instead of eyes.


Since my layout will have very little scale fidelity the lack of details on this toy is not an issue.  I think it looks pretty good and will fill the role very well.


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Hi guys, I know it's been a while and I am sorry for that. Between Honey Doo's here and a quick trip to North Dakota to see the in-laws there is nothing really new. I did pick up a few cars from Menards the local gas station there, just haven't gotten the time to even unpack them! LOL

@coach joe Joe I love the fire engine! I need to find one for my small airfield!

@Capetrainman Paul, your town is always busy, between meetings, the guys trying to impress the ladies and all the commuters it is amazing anyone ever gets some sleep! LOL I love all your town shots!

@Michael Hokkanen Michael wonderful video of your layout! Your city is a nice draw to your layout!

Well I hope to get some time tomorrow to unpack some stuff and I will try to get some photos for you all!

Those open top buses served some of the National Park, therefore came in several liveries.  The one shown was from Yellowstone, another yellow one was for Gettysburg and another for Skagway Alaska.  A red one had Glacier National Park and there also was a green one.  You'll have to search the internet, several vendors that were sources of these are currently out of stock.

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