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I really don't need more vehicles, but I couldn't pass up a nice Menards modern box truck for 5 bucks.

Looks even better with the stickers removed and the Menards logos MEK-ed away.


The wookie is about the height of a1/48 human and the stormtrooper is around 1/56.  The truck should look good in my Plasticville-heavy compressed O-27 Christmas Layout.

Will probably paint the grey box at some point to. I think the whole thing would look good in orange.


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The three cats with Chevy SS 396's thought they were the fastest trio in town until the new guy showed up with the Buick Grand Sport with a 455 under the hood...the lady with the briefcase, leaving work, wonders who's the new guy in town...she doesn't appear to be in a hurry to hop into her green MGB for the ride home...

Grand Sport 3


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  • Grand Sport 3
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Another $5 Menards deal. This time a Ford Transit Panel van.  Scale is listed as 1:48.


Interestingly, this one has a rather thin coat of orange (probably to save $) but it works out for the best.  The finish isn't so glossy and unsurprisingly doesn't fill in the grooves completely, leading to nice darker panel lines.  A couple of ford logos and some pretty good details make this nicer than you'd expect for $5, but it has almost zero underside detail.  I miss the more interesting $3 vehicles they used to sell, but I'd happily buy more of these $5 vehicles if they were as nice as this.

5 other versions are available.


Surprised they didn't do a straight passenger version as all they'd have to do would be darken the "window" panel areas like the do on the fire version.  No worries though as I have a passenger version with actual windows from "Caipo" which is quite well done.


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@mikey posted:

All of the vehicles in your ad are posted NOT AVAILABLE ON LINE,why bother posting them, 3/4 of the Country doesn't have a store near them.


I selected 1 of the vehicle lots at random. You can ship them to your house or local store. It may say they are not available, but the site begs to differ.
Your How to Get It Selections

Parcel Shipping

1 item shipping

How to Get It <button class="btn btn-link p-0 align-top d-print-none" tabindex="0" type="button">How to Get It Information</button>
Total Price
<fieldset class="" id="shippingOption171658279"><legend class="sr-only">How to get it options</legend>
<input class="d-print-none custom-control-input-inverse" id="shipment171658279" type="radio" value="shipment" /><label class="col-12 radio font-weight-bold custom-control-label" for="shipment171658279">SelectShip To Home</label>
Available for immediate shipment
<input class="d-print-none custom-control-input-inverse" id="pickup171658279" type="radio" value="pickup" /><label class="col-12 radio font-weight-bold custom-control-label" for="pickup171658279">SelectShip To Store - Free!</label>
<label><input class="form-control text-center" maxlength="4" pattern="[0-9]+" type="text" />Enter or modify your quantity. Current quantity is: 1.</label>

Individual item price is:$84.96/each

Total Price is:$84.96


I get the same display as Mikey and Steven, where there is an "X" in the 1st line that says "Not available on-line".

Its shows up in my browser for O Scale buildings, as well, and maybe other items.

However, if I click on the item, it allows me to buy it and either ship to my house or store, but the initial display is a little disconcerting and may be scaring potential purchasers away. 

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