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@Carpetrainman- I loved the photo and the little story.  I remember those tree prices in 1955 (I was 11) and going to get the tree with Dad.  Just went to our local H.E.B. (grocery store in Texas) and the tree prices ranged from $25 to over $100 and the $25 trees looked a lot like "Charlie Browns" Christmas Tree....

Happy Holiday Season to all


Wow', Don, that seemed awful expensive for a tree in 55...  Were trees shipped in... Back east, $15-20 got you a nice tree........ Today, you're looking at $300.00 in NY, NJ, CT, area'....

Mike, I seem to recall a "dog" was .50 cents in 1965 at the Haven Brothers food trailer in Providence...might have been a quarter....the memory is little foggy on that.... The trailer pulled into a reserved parking spot directly aside the Providence City Hall around 5:00 pm and stayed until the wee hours of the morning.  An idea just came to mind to re-create the trailer and the cast of characters getting a late night snack there.  I already have the "customers" present on the layout...I just need to make the trailer!  Which do I start first, the trailer or my 100' square foot

Finally found an affordable model of the NYC Buses I rode in Brooklyn when I was a kid in the late 50’s/early 60’s. I can still hear the flapping of the bi-fold doors when they opened and closed!!! This is a 1/43 model from Iconic Replicas that I found when I got an email from Diecast Direct. Luckily, I didn’t hesitate - they were only in stock for a few days!!! The bus was listed as a GM TDH 3610.



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Snapped these scale shots for a request on a wargame forum and thought you all might like to see them.

Menards/Denver and CAIPO/ALIEXPRESS Transit Vans compared with figure for scale

IMG_20221209_064738643IMG_20221209_064701509IMG_20221209_064839008 Figure is 31mm from sole to eyeline which for a female figure is darn close to 1/48. A gentleman on the Wargaming forum confirmed that the van's length is accurate enough for 1/48.

Nice that we've now got good options for both cargo and passenger Ford Transit vans for around 5 bucks each


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Well its Christmas time and who does not remember Dad or Dad and Grandad getting the tree at a local sales spot (often an open field vacant most of the year) , then tying the tree on top of the car and bringing it home.  So I thought you might enjoy how the denizens of "Small Town", a whistle stop on my mainline, were coping with this ritual this year.

First we have old man Jones, still driving his '32 Ford business coupe (even though his business is long closed) headed for home and some of his wife's homemade apple pie.  The grand kids will be over for the Holiday and everyone is looking forward to the fun.

'32 Ford Coupe with Xmas tree on roof

Next up are the Smith family with their nearly new Ford "station wagon" using their summer travel trailer to move the tree to their new house in the suburbs...This will be a big Christmas this year as those "baby boomer" kids are really anticipating Santa's visit.  Rumor has it that their just might be a Lionel train under the tree this year (hope, hope).

'49 Ford Wagon with Christmas Tree on Trailer

Happy Holidays everyone



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  • '32 Ford Coupe with Xmas tree on roof
  • '49 Ford Wagon with Christmas Tree on Trailer
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Wanted to share this one.  Lionel Peterbilt 352.

Just barely about 1:50 based on the wheelbase which puts it about halfway between the 1/43 Semis I used to use (way to big) and the 1/64 (mostly Lionel) Semi trucks I've settled on for my Christmas layout after not being able to find more cheap semis in this size.  It's nearly all plastic and is just a few details and some paint away from being a rather nice model.

Anyone know anything else about this and if any similar vehicles were produced?  All I've been able to find on google is a couple other colors and no information about the model itself or how it was sold.  I got mine in a partial train set at the resale shop.

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