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Just picked up these "Corgi" units from one of the forum sponsors...good quality.  Only minor issue is steering wheel placement is British, so it's on the right side looking forward, but with the top up, that concern becomes moot.  Mercedes 300 is steering wheel "American." You may see these units at future Friday night "import rallies" on the layout...

Corgi 6

Corgi 2

Corgi 4


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  • Corgi 6
  • Corgi 2
  • Corgi 4

Huge fan of old and new die cast.

I thought this might be interesting. A couple of older trucks.                                                      
The Dart truck is resin cast. The German is die cast.
In 1951 the Dart was the largest mining truck.

It’s truly amazing how the mining industry has changed.

All model’s are 1/50.

Merry Christmas,


While I like the detail on the 1/43 vehicles I have been picking up the Menards vehicles that are a closer scale to our O Gauge trains. They look especially good when riding on the auto racks on the trains more to scale. Looking forward to their next release. Our train club often buys a dealer pack of the newly released vehicles and those in the club can choose a few of the different colors to their liking at our monthly club meetings.

I have also found the Hallmark Ornaments have been similar to the Menards vehicles in scale. Just have to pull out that darn ornament hook in the roof. Some really nice cars and trucks, really like the Bronco I picked up today. While you can find the current issues at your local Hallmark store on sale now after Christmas you can also find a lot of the older items with a search on line of some of the past releases from earlier years on sale at the various Ornament on line stores. I searched Hallmark Ornament and find several stores that have some good after Christmas sales on old stock of Hallmark vehicles. Last year I picked up a bunch for the layout and the Lionel Train ornaments. Good luck with your hunt.

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I  found and scooped up two 1936 Hallmark pickups, one, a GMC not seen elsewhere, and the other Ford. a few years ago. I am not aware of any other??? pre-war Hallmarks?   Somewhere l heard about somebody who had driven (pre-1940,... 1920's?) Dodges? in convoys down into Ohio from Detroit.  Since l would like an auto box car unloading scene, l wonder when auto box cars gave over to drive-on ramp trucks?   (gonna be hard to find right vehicle to fit)... I think l vaguely remember a 1940 photo unloading Chevies., from a ramp truck,  but, am not sure .  Gotta Google.

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