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I picked these '67 Impalas up at Lowe's.  They had black, white, blue and red.  I went for these two.   got home and remembered I already had a red one.  They're made by Kinsmart and 1/43.  Right now they're on a shelf next to a Testor's 1/48 GT40. and they look massive.  I'll have to check them with some other 1/43.  I have to correct myself.  I must have been thinking of the '61 Bel Air.


Pictures I just looked at show these are correct.



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I rode a Scenicruiser between New York City and Montreal when my family visited Expo 67.  That is a really beautiful model.

That’s awesome! I rode on several of them to and from California when a teen back in the 1960s. My last one was from Travis AFB to San Francisco International in 1974, en route to Pensacola, FL (Navy days).

Thank you, Joe. 👍

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