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The only customizing that I've done to date is paint mirrors silver or paint backup and other lights that needed color.  Oh, yeah, I took apart a police cruiser to see whether I could add LEDs and now I can't get it back together :-}.  I guess that was a "modification" of sorts.

Just got a new PC and my data on things like the model year or variants are in a file on the old box.  Here's the information that I had on hand.

At the Tomlinson Run Railroad, it's all about the food, so let's start there.  [year? Grumman?] Charles Chips delivery van, 2002? Mercedes Ice Cream Van, and a 1953 Chevy Ice Cream Truck:

Then there are the non-perishable deliveries -- 1955 Chevy Step-side REA truck, [generic date] Grumman U.S. Postal Service delivery truck, and a 1965-2010 UPS delivery van, also Grumman or various:

The wreckers -- a 1953 Chevy Wrecker and a 1951 International Harvester Boom Truck:

General utility trucks -- 1956 Ford F-150, 1987 Dodge Ram, two (count 'em) 2002? Dodge Power Wagons (I think these were concept trucks), and a 2013 Ford F150-SVT Raptor with Super Crew cab:

Side shot of the same ...

Here is a rescue version of the 2013 Ford F-150 (on the left), and a "restored" 1955 Chevy Cameo pickup:

Google and Uber recently visited the Tomlinson Run Railroad and dropped off these self-driving/autonomous cars.  Needless to say, the town folks are a bit concerned ... They are a 1938 Dirt Track racer (i.e., custom built), a 1940 Ford Standard Coupe, and a 1950 Nash Ambassador Hydromatic.  Being self aware, I guess they could have introduced themselves:

Bringing the automomous autos up to the current era are these three -- also dropped off by McDonalds, Google, or Uber -- a 2002 996-Series Porsche 911 Carerra (1:48), a circa 2006 generic stock racer based on Ford GT40 and Charger components, and a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe:

Other automobiles, especially VWs and Fords, can be found on the carpet layout, but it's a bit too hot to unbox and photograph them at present.

Tomlinson Run Railroad


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Thanks to ALL  you guys for the awesome pics! Can you believe we’re on page 2 thanks I never thought this topic would hold water thanks to you guys it has.

Tom  Never seen a ferry boat on a layout great job!

Mel  thanks for the pics on the layout I like those fords

Trumptrain  I like that camper great looking 50s look 

Tomlinson  great looking chip truck I love customizing 

Trainsrme  love that Black and white photo

lee drennen posted:
DaveP posted:

A few that populate my layout...IMG_1668IMG_2821


I like those fire trucks 

Those LaFrance engines are special as my dad drove a similar engine as a volunteer firefighter. Both are made by Corgi - the unique thing about them is one was produced for a National Motor Mint series, the other was released by Corgi themselves but with the added detail of helmets on the hose bed racks, and both are lettered as engine 1 and engine 2. I’ve yet to seethe Corgi original issue anywhere else. 

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