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MELGAR posted:
Don Sierakowski 111617 posted:


I love the Chevy, but I love the street and sidewalk detail even more.  Any description to share regarding how you did those?

Thanks in advance, 



The streets were covered with a thin (1/32-inch ?) laser-cut fiber board material to simulate cobblestones. I purchased it from Monster Model Works (try Google) which since has closed and I don't know where it can be gotten now.

The sidewalks and driveway are correctly sized and nicely detailed resin pieces sold by Crow River Products at

Let me know (by e-mail) whether you will be attending the upcoming meeting of the New England Railroad Prototype Modelers in Farmington, CT on the weekend of May 31... see


Mel, nice job on painting the side walk and cobble stone.  I want to ask you if the resin side walk looks plasticy in person.  It does not in the photo. Is there imperfections in the surface, or is it smooth. 

I don't think  "Moster Model Works" materials are available anywhere as he didn't sell the business.  He just closed shop, and started his new job in his old profession... A real loss to the hobby as he had some good stuff.  Pricey but good.. 

Vincent Massi posted:

1955 Bel Air with a snazzy paint job that only looks antique if you look at the grill.SUNP0001SUNP0002 Walmart. $1. What can I say?

Like MELGAR I do remember see this color scheme.  In the early 50's US auto makers started bring back two-tone combination, but then they used subtle color variations.  In 1955 they used a star-burst  of colors.

I turned to my reference books on 50/s and 60's cars that picked up at Barnes and Noble years ago on sale.


Unfortunately no full color pic but does have image of a magazine page advertisement showing this color scheme on a 55 Chevy convertible.



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0177508D-4A4A-4516-9672-76C7E764702DFD585E00-67E7-468F-BFFC-2CB8D3CE2222Vince. You can buy these from one of our new  sponsors for around $8.00

Ron.  What a nice collection you have I’m thinking about buying another Ranchero strip in and down and repainting it turquoise and white 

Pat.  Thanks for posting your pictures some good looking team track going on I was thinking of you yesterday when I took this pic as I was leaving “Uncle Pete”


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Not much at scenery, and I like the workbench better than scenery work too.

Here my attempt to upgrade the infamous "K Mart" tractor trailers.

Cabover upgraded with new paint and Graphics on Demand decals (goes with my Atlas Coors SW8s), Don Mills parts, new wire grab rails.

Stock fuel tank, that I may later replace - just not happy with the looks.  Need to add an air cleaner in the void behind the front axle drivers side.

Conventional is just a stock repaint with new decals as I wanted to see what could be done without spending all the detail part dollars.  I did turn the rear wheels around in order to look like an outside dual Budd instead of mounting the same as the front which is stock.




Some Corgi B Macks to come a little later.



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