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Vincent Massi posted:

Ed, your first picture is a beautiful pick-up truck!


Your second picture shows Ken and Barbie (both of whom have either plastic brains or empty space) parking on an elevated grass plot. They deserve a ticket.

Vince, I’m hurt. That’s me and my bride!😂. Actually, we were pulled over for speeding and, as you know, we layoutists live on a flat-earth. I didn’t want to go any further because there be dragons there!!!😂

Thanks for commenting.  Appreciate it.  

NHVRYGray posted:

Very pretty truck.  Who is the manufacturer.

It's 1/43 scale and from the 1998 Mattel "Models of Yesteryear" Series. Nothing opens on it, but it has a spare whitewall tire mounted in the frame under the bed, which I thought was pretty good detail for a $15 truck and no shipping charge.

FWIW, it was part of the product brought to the Hudson Show by Kevin Macomber of Narrow Gauge Modeling Company. He had a large collection of vehicles there and a gorgeous construction set which someone grabbed right away. He was a very nice guy and it looks like they might have also acquired the tooling from Schomberg Models.

Brian - looks like a nice '63 split window.


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Would like to know some more about the third picture, Is this a good photoshop?  Tractors are slippery at best without a trailer, thats why you have concrete ballast boxes when pushing or using a non fifth wheel trailer AND thats with rubber tires.  Steel on steel with no weight wouldn't do much.  Now there are Hirail trucks that can be used as locomotives such as the Canadian Brandt.  WWII saw lots of "innovatons" such as duece and a halfs and jeeps.

I am suspicious until I see proof.

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