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Artie. Your fire truck is really nice and the Millitary scene looks great

Kevin. Thanks for sharing your pics and the bus looks great

Paul. Glad you like the Pete. Your pics look good also

Ted. great restoration on the vehicles. The sled looks great

Sorry I’m behind it’s that time of year I start the garden and hatching/ raising baby chicks. Care on Gentleman

To take the history of the 'Quonset" hut a little farther back, back in the 50's when the the 'Quonset Naval Air Station" was a flourishing military base,  it was considered a deep sea port, and as a result US Navy aircraft carriers were stationed there while destroyers and other navy ships were stationed across the bay at the "Newport Naval Base."  In addition to the deep sea port, the base had (has) a runway airstrip capable of accommodating even today's large military or commercial jets.

So the Quonset hut was named for the place of its origin and original the "Quonset Naval Air Station."   Quonset was once know as the home of the "Seabees!"  The base closed for active military service in the '70's as part of a downsizing by the Nixon administration.

Lionel did a nice job on the model of the Quonset hut...I may see if I can pick up a couple for old times sake.  Artie, thanks for putting the QH on my radar

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Paul, I have visited the Quonset Naval base, and the home of the Seabees. Many of the original buildings from WW2 are still standing.  There is plenty of activity at the port now.  with ships coming from the west.  It is a shame that the Navy let that base deteriorate.  When walking the grounds, you can feel and smell the history.  BTW, I have lived in quonset huts.  They quite comfortable and well insulated against the elements....

Paul, thank you for the interesting history of the Quonset huts. I have to say, a Lionel catalog would have been the last place I would have thought to find one. When I saw it, I knew I needed it for the Area 51 layout. Another neat item Lionel makes is an unloading ramp for trailer on flat cars. I plan to have an unloading spur on my upcoming layout expansion.

Morning guys looks like everyone is having fun!

Paul thank you for the back ground on the Quonset huts. I stayed in one for a little while when I was at 29 Palms, Ca.

Joel, I am glad you like the cars I thought you would, I got a ride in a few of them and a couple came up for sale but with my luck no extra cash at the time. I am glad the plates look like they will work!

I hope everyone is having a good week sofar and are having fun with all your projects. As for me the CEO has opted my painting talents to the house and garage. It maybe a while before I get any real projects done, but I still plan on trying to get out to the train room before the sun comes up! LOL

I Vietnam I lived in a two story chicken coop, but our headquarters was in two 25' x100' Quonset huts.  I spent many nights sleeping on the floor behind my desk because it was quieter, not as windy and dusty, and didn't leak when it rained..  I got a lot of gas for living in a "soup can".

Saw a lot of them in the years between WWII and Korea.  War surplus that was reasonably priced.  Seems every farm and ranch in our area...and a lot of other places...had at least one, and many times several of them in every imaginable size.

Later on Butler buildings took over.

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I'm thinking that with all this talk of Quonset huts and the great Lionel example that an awesome diorama for the RR/this thread would be to use one on a used car lot.  The Quonset hut would be the office.  Lots of cars, lots of vari-colored triangular flags flapping overhead, and a rail line in the back of the lot.

Just dreaming out loud ...

P.S. -- Go Seabees!

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Ted, Great looking cars, it would be an honor to own any of them! But I dont thing I will be going inside to sign the paper work as you never know when they might collapse !

Lee I am glad you got the plates, I hope there was something else there also, it was the whole reason for sending it out the plates were just a plus! LOL

Nothing new from me as I am still waiting on my little people!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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