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Grandpa waits for the local beer train to come by to show his grandson...meanwhile, the local party guy  drove his '55 Bel Air off the road.  He's not having an easy time explaining his lack of attention to the trooper!

Gramps took the '48 Buick Roadmaster out for a spin today with the nice weather.  Ted will like the '48 Buick

Buick Roadmaster 2

That is a very cool scene Paul'.. Great stuff'...✔👍😁 and yes, love the Buick'... I also like that'[looks like a 49 crestline Ford].. You have some really great cars'...

The popular Saturday night rally's will be starting up soon, given the warm temps back east!  New participants are expected to display their cars this year.  It's a great venue because the local mayor gives the "Show 'Em Off" car club a special permit to close off the road 'til midnight...the local establishments sure enjoy the spike in business for sure...

Rally June 11


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  • Rally June 11

The "Boss" was in early on this warm spring morning last week, pulling up in his '57 Olds Super 88 gold convertible...his admin assistant greets him in the parking lot, while the landscapers are busy getting the place ready for business visitors later in the day.  The employees nicknamed the Boss "Mr. Goldfinger" because of the color of his car and his desire to keep a low-profile in

Olds 4 E


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  • Olds 4 E
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Wow some great cars here!

Paul you always seem to be in the right place to catch all the action in town! But I need you to do me a favor and tell me the Pizza guy didn't get fired? I haven't seen him yet this spring! LOL

Ted, Bob S. has quite the collection of cars and some fine sales ladies working for him! I bet things don't last long there! LOL

Nice cars,'s Grandpa and his Roadmaster viewing the driving mishap from the other side of the tracks...  The color and detail on both your cars is beautiful...

Buick Roadmaster 1

Thanks Paul, still waiting on another unit.  (BTW)  do you ever go to Healy News?  They carry many model train magazines'.....  If you go there, ask for Sally, the owner, she is a friend of mine and a very nice person.. She will order any special magazine you want'... 

Ted, thanks for the tip...haven't been there but will check it out sometime!

The "admin assistant" shows off her purchase of a lightly used '65 Impala SS to the "boss"... a little friendly competition for him with his gold '57 Olds Super 88 convertible...

Impala 5

I don't know Paul,  That Olds is in a class all by it self'.. LOL.. (BTW) do you have stock in DC Direct???😁👍

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