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Here's some long over due progress on my G scale Bachmann Emily. I found gold lettering at Hobby Lobby that was (glittery?), for the tender and side of cab. I don't want to create a real detailed Sterling engine..just a good likeness. I made up a sticker for the backhead. I think it looks a lot better than a green cab. Sticker is vinyl, so should hold up a long time if free from oil. Sticker needs to be trimmed on bottom to fit.  ( If any one would like 2 20200622_13411920200622_13384120200622_133824backhead stickers for $2 sent USPS, my email is in my profile). I don't have a lot, just what was needed to produce an order..not looking to start a business.

Any way. I'm going to use a Lionel G scale boiler front and am trying to decide if to permanently attach or not. I also have not yet determined the boiler door handles. Lots of time and lots of different projects to go back and forth on.

It's all fun.20200622_13411920200622_13385220200622_13382420200622_13384120200622_140546




Images (5)
  • 20200622_134119: Tender
  • 20200622_133852: Cab
  • 20200622_133824: Boiler sticker
  • 20200622_133841: Boiler sticker
  • 20200622_140546: Boiler front
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Nope. It's a plastic G scale

4-4-2 ,

Bachmann (Emily with the moving eyes), an example of the Sterling engines developed by the Great Northern Railway (British) in 1870.  Part of the "Thomas and Friends" large scale toy train series by Bachmann, #91404.

Not to scale but accurately proportioned. It has a nice "vintage" look. Paint is exceptional , most features molded in. The backhead is unadorned, so I had a sticker made up showing some boiler piping and details.

Lots of G scale folks have worked at making this model more accurate with detailed piping and castings. I like it as is but could not get used to the "moving eyes" or the blank boiler back head. I also wanted to add a little more GNR decals.  6c0361bea6a73c805fb8bcb31e4c11d7.image.400x154

Really a unique engine. I have only ever seen it modeled in "live steam" large scale and in HO.

Wish MTH  had made one in tinplate.



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  • 6c0361bea6a73c805fb8bcb31e4c11d7.image.400x154
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