Bachmann, On3 Converted to 3 Rail

As previously mentioned on here, I wanted to check out converting Bachmann

On3 to 3 rail O gauge, to fill the huge gaps in product offerings. First and easy

was a combine quickly mounted on 1930's Scalecraft archbar trucks with large

flanges.  Next, with the time available, I just did a test fit of Keystone Loco.

Works logging archbars with tinplate wheelsets under the tender of the Bachmann T boilered Shay.  That looks workable, but the fun part will be

converting front truck and making all operate.  Did not find the car particularly

ungainly, any more than a Sierra coach or the shorty combine behind the

Hercules steam dummy in Mammoth Cave Nat. Park.  I am sure someone ingenious out there will beat me to getting a Shay three railed.




??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!


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