I have a small layout with 2 loops and a couple of switches. I have a GW-180 watt transformer (6-37947,) TMCC (6-12969,) and Powermaster (6-24130.) So, is that all I need to get this thing going? If so, what do I hook up where? Starting from the track all the way to the plug! I'm Polish so break it down for me. Those Lionel videos on Youtube just aren't cutting it! If not, what else do I need? I want to get it going and then figure out how to incorporate the CC switches I already have.  Thank you so much!IMG_1253


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I would run power from the transformer to each loop at least. That should give you better power distribution. And the TMCC U terminal to the outside rail. The TMCC power supply is to be plugged into a grounded outlet. Read the instructions on the CC switches but basically you hold the programming button until the lantern LED blinks and press SW on your hand held controller, press in the address you want, and then press SET. The lantern should go solidly on. That's about it... 


If you pigtail/split the output of the 180 brick, one to the command track & one to the GW controller for the conventional track, then yes.

You will have to isolate/insulate the center rail connection of the two loops at the crossover switches, though, and pick which loop you want to run which way.


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