Here's something new from O Gauge Railroading!
"On-Line Backshop Letters" with Jim Barrett

The "Backshop Letters" feature in O Gauge Railroading magazine has always been very popular with OGR Readers. Since most problems are much easier to explain in conversation rather than in a long letter, you can now go to THIS PAGE in our web site and send your Backshop Letter to me, on line!

If you've got a problem with your layout, a locomotive or operating accessory, scenery questions, or something else train-related, just fill out the short form on that page! I will get both your email address and a phone number where I can call you at home (or at work, if that's allowed).  If you have photos that would be helpful, there's an easy way to include them in your On-Line Backshop Letter, too!

Once I get your On-Line Backshop Letter, I will call you and we can talk about your problem, person-to-person!

I am looking forward to getting your On-Line Backshop Letter!

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I just saw this, sounds like a super resource - support and advice from a legend in our hobby. Thanks Jim and the OG team!

This is a great idea . I enjoy seeing Jim's work in the magazine and will be looking forward to reading it on line.


"Will the Backshop still be in the magazine?"

Yes.  This method of getting the question and the answer will be faster for the responder, but if the question is a general one that I believe anyone would benefit from, the responder's question and answer will be condensed and presented in the magazine as well.  As in the past, no addresses will be included except maybe the city where the question originates from. 



You'll put the OGR forum out of business!!    What a great thing to do Jim.  Congrats on doing it.

You've actually printed a question from me years ago, with an answer, and sadly I wasn't completely understanding it cause it dealt with electrical issues, which I am a dunce with.  WOW, this service, well, is great

- walt

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Walt, write up your question again, and send it to me with your phone number.  I'll call you and we'll work with it until you do understand it.  that's the whole purpose of a two way communication.  It is always much easier to understand and to diagnose the problem with two people actually talking about it "face to face" so to speak. 

This is a big blessing everyone.  Badly needed resource.  Plus, a great personal sounding board. Your articles are great, and if something requires unique solutions, the value you bring to everyone here is beyond.

Still the gentleman as when I first met you with my questions at Davis Trains in Milford, OH, about 15 years ago.  Loved talking with you as you were so easy to understand.  Don't know how you have the time, but know the members will like your new service to them.  

Thanks for doing all you do and good luck with the new phase of "Backshop".

George Harritos

Is there any way to read all the questions and the answers? That might be helpful to a number of people.

Jim I introduced myself and we spoke briefly while at York...

very nice to see you in person!

is there a video on layout scenery.?

My interest now is roads for cars, grass, static grass application etc


How is this working out, as to competing with this forum it's self?  Being sent snail mail compared to instant answers on the online forum? Has anyone actually sat down to write or type a letter to Jim?

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Jim built a wonderfully large living room layout and all I can remember is a photo of at least 2 maybe more,main lines running the length of the top cushion of a very long couch. I can't remember which issue but believe it showed Jim in some shots. I was wanting the plan or issue's I should check,thanks and happy holidays 

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