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I have a SANTA FE TMCC F3 DIESEL A-B-A (PWR A #19, DMY A #19C)SKU: 6-14588 powered unit 6-14589 and the motor is dying (barely turns while the front motor runs perfectly). There motor has a lot of turn resistance when manually turned by finger. I looked up online and called Lionel and the motor 6208230101 DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHL & SNSR / F-7 / #3 /.326" DIAM is no longer available, and I've searched the web and called a few Lionel parts shops, no luck. Lionel told me there is no revision path either, so I'm stuck with a beautiful model that won't run! :-( Does anybody out there no of a solution.IMG_5006


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  • IMG_5006: Motor assembly
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Thanks for the replies, very helpful! I found a motor for the 2004 Santa Fe powered F3 units, it's identical to the 2005 except for the diameter of the worm gear. I'll press the worm gears off and install the 2005 worm gear to the new motor. A little extra work but should work fine. The 2005 worm gear is .326" diameter and the 2004 is .354". The gear pitch could be different too. I'm on the west coast and the motor is on the east coast, so at least a week or so before I get it. Will let you all know how it goes. Thanks again!


Hi Pete, yes I thought of that, but I have a close friend with a machine shop just a couple of miles from my house. He has the tools and the knowledge, and he specializes in making and repairing molds for plastic parts. I've already talked to him over coffee last night, social distancing of course. :-) He said, "Piece of cake, we work on small stuff like this all the time". I'll update you guys when I get the motor.

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