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Very sad. Charlie was a great guy. I knew him very well and bought many, many trains from CharlesRo over the last 40 years, right up to the present. Indeed, CharlesRo has always been my #1 dealer. I always looked forward to speaking with Charlie at the York Train Meets and at the store. I can still see him sitting on his chair at his large booth at York. It was clear that Charlie's health was declining over the past few years, but he never complained. Charlie was a real gentleman and a giant in our hobby. He will certainly be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family.


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Very sorry to hear this. I visited his store many times during trips to Boston and would ride the MBTA to Malden to get there. I have been attending the Amherst Railway Society show almost every year since 1997. Charlie would always be sitting at the entrance to his display area near the entrance where I arrived at the show and my first stop was to look at the new Lionel items he had on display. I hope to get back to the store and the show when the pandemic is over. And I shall think of Charlie.


Very sad news indeed---have known Charlie for years and in fact he signed my application for TCA way back in 1978! Always had great times visiting with him at the store and of course York. Whenever we made our short journey from Maine to Malden he would always make time for us---in life we meet so many people but I am glad I was fortunate enough to have his friendship also. Prayers and thoughts for his family and thank you to them for sharing Charlie with us! Fond memories are everlasting.

Very sad news indeed. Charlie was certainly one of the great people I have meet in the train hobby. I have been buying trains from Charlie since the early eighties and it was always a pleasure to deal with him. I visited the old store in the early 80's and bought the Hudson Products 700E that day. I will miss seeing him and chatting with him at York and the Big E. He always had something to say about my Yankees! RIP Charlie Ro.

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Wow, I met Charlie the first time near 1980, could have been in the 70’s, give or take a few years at Sherman Leonard’s Christmas party. He had a Super Long station wagon full of brand new Lionel trains. I think this was his beginning in the hobby. Wow, time flies and I’ve made many purchases from his Malden Massachusetts store. He was a fun person to talk to at york and was a true ambassador of the hobby. His family is in our prayers, and I’m sure Jim Barrett, Marty Fitzhenry are having a celebration now. Yes, we’ll all be together someday. May God Bless them all. Thanks for the news.

What some may not realize is that Marty Fitz and Charley's very close friendship goes back many years (back when Marty was still very much active with the Dedham Police Dept).  I won't go into confidences shared, but I can assure you that both are giants that will be missed for many years to come.  I also had the pleasure of handling some matters for Charlie here in PA....and it was always such a great pleasure to work with him.  God Bless both of these gentlemen and their respective families.  Charley Jr. (aka "Chuckie") now has a huge load to carry....thank God that the great personality of Sr. is fully ensconced in Chuckie.  Please keep all of them in your prayers and PLEASE contribute to the Marine Toys for Tots program as requested in Charlie's obit.

More distressing news in a very distressing year. Charlie was a good man and a true credit to the hobby he served. I believe my first purchase from Charles Ro Supply Company dates to way back in the late 70s when I was still living in Hawaii, and was just getting back into O gauge. I became an even bigger fan when he and Charlie Jr. launched the USA Trains line of Large Scale products. When I worked with Greenberg Publishing back in the late 80s and early 90s, Charlie's booth (actually a lot of booths) at the York Meet was in the Yellow Hall directly across from our Greenberg booth. I got to know Charlie then and would always spend a bit of time chatting with him at every York meet up until the last one held in October 2019. He most definitely will be missed, but he will long be remembered. My sincere condolences to Chuckie and the rest of the family. Rest in peace, Charlie.

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Sad news, indeed.  I met Charlie when the only available seat for breakfast in the restaurant at the 1975 TCA Convention hotel in Orlando was at the snack bar next to him.  He talked about how he got into the train business as a sideline to his hair salon.  I started buying from him later that day and have bought most of my new Lionel trains from him during the 45 years since then mostly by mail order but also in person at York.

RIP Charlie and condolences to his family and staff at the store.


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So sad!!   Met him at the 1st. Hobby Vision International Show in Vegas in the early 2000’s.  He invited us to Boston and told us to make sure and stop in if we ever get that way.  We did, 2 years later and he treated us like he knew us forever.  Got a full tour of the building while we were visiting.  Left that day with 4 big bags of Lionel trains, a great trip and super nice person.  RIP. My prayers go with him.

So sorry to hear about his passing. The last time I saw him was the last Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show I attended. I have always tried to visit his booth first when ever I went to the Amherst Show.At the last show I found a Lionel 2460 Bucyrus Erie Crane Car in one of the many used rr car boxes at his booth. Got it for $20. I was so thrilled to find it I had been looking for one for sometime. He told me I had gotten a great deal on it when I went to pay for it. He was always nice to chat with for a bit before moving on to the rest of the show.

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