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Kind of a neat diesel with a cab on both ends but mostly ran on the CNJ. I do not believe its been done in O scale 3 rail----looks really cool in the CNJ blue and orange. Anyone know anything on this engine?

Growing up on the CNJ in my early years (1942 thru 1954) I remember seeing and riding behind them.

Have you tried a Google search? There should be lots of photos and information on them.

This locomotive was made in O scale in the form of a brass kit by Locomotive Workshop.  I have an unbuilt kit that I bought a few years ago, but it will probably end up being one of my retirement projects.  I am not sure when the kits were made, but it looks like it was more than 20 years ago, at least.  It would be great to hear more information about the kits, if anyone knows the history.  I think the Locomotive Workshop brass kit is the only version of this locomotive ever made in O scale.

There is a thread on this forum about building one of these this past year.

CNJ DRX-6-4-2000 project

The Locomotive Workshop kit is hard to find. Not sure how many were produced. Even fewer have been built. I was happy to finally find an unbuilt kit last year, but it will be donating it's two cabs for a pair of CNJ Babyfaced freight units on my to-be-built list.

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