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Unless I dreamed it, I thought I recalled a thread in which someone was assembling a kit of a 2 rail Baldwin switcher of some type. (Short car body, like a DS4-4-1000 or S12, not a long body VO1000.)

Am I recalling correctly? I tried to use the forum's search function to no avail.

If anyone recalls the thread, and better yet, can link it (if it exists!), I would be appreciative.

Thanks for reading this.

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Hi Bob.

Thanks for the response.  I thought I recalled seeing pictures of the engine in the mystery thread, but perhaps not.  Sure thought it was a kit.

I suspect I'm mistaken.

Reason for my question: Was interested to see if there was a Baldwin 2 rail switcher in O scale.  I'm aware of the Weaver VO1000, but thought there was a kit of some sort for a DS or S12.

It's amazing that the larger scales (S and O 2 rail) have such a poor selection of readily available switch engines and such.

Actually, this really is not an issue for me. O scale is too big for my situation anyway. Given my taste for motive power variety in conjunction with my available space, HO truly is my best option. Besides, I'm heavily invested in HO to boot. Big model trains are fascinating though!

All fer now.

There are a bunch of switchers in O scale, if you look around.   Most are brass but there are others.  

One of the best runners is the Atlas O SW8/9.

In Brass NJCB did all the Alco S series.    The Carworks did a number of versions of the Baldwin VO 1000.   Precision Scale did SW7 and SW1.   I have seen a couple of different FM switchers.     Also I have seen an Alco T switcher.   

And of course the old Stand-bye, The All Nation NW2.

And there have been a number of GE 44 Tonners from various importers.

laming posted:

Hi Bob.

Thanks for the response.  I thought I recalled seeing pictures of the engine in the mystery thread, but perhaps not.  Sure thought it was a kit.

Could this have been a Gilmaur kit - etched brass - pretty sure that they produced a kit for an S-2 once upon a time and an SW1500, too.

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The good running qualities stem from use of Atlas SW8 trucks with "gear cassettes,"  IMO the way a model diesel SHOULD be built.  After all, two million HO and N scale railroaders can't be wrong!    He used a better motor than Atlas did (it's not hard to top a Mabuchi RS-385), but no flywheels.  I would recommend the use of dual flywheels.

I always thought it was a pity that Atlas didn't reenter O scale with a GP-7.  Then we would have had the correct axle spacing and Blombergs to use under F-3's, F-7's, GP-9s, CF-7's, etc.  Because they started with a switcher, the opportunities for reusing their trucks / drive are limited to locos with AAR-type-A trucks 

Overall this scratchbuilt Baldwin is a very impressive effort.  Thanks for sharing!!

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